Hair for Mama

Hair for Mama It s family picture time for the Carters but Mama does not want to be in the photo this year All of her beautiful hair is gone because of chemotherapy treatments for her cancer and she doesn t want

  • Title: Hair for Mama
  • Author: Kelly Tinkham Amy Bates
  • ISBN: 9780803729551
  • Page: 104
  • Format: Hardcover
  • It s family picture time for the Carters, but Mama does not want to be in the photo this year All of her beautiful hair is gone because of chemotherapy treatments for her cancer, and she doesn t want to be remembered without hair Eight year old Marcus knows that the picture won t be the same without Mama, so he comes up with a plan to find her some hair and make her bettIt s family picture time for the Carters, but Mama does not want to be in the photo this year All of her beautiful hair is gone because of chemotherapy treatments for her cancer, and she doesn t want to be remembered without hair Eight year old Marcus knows that the picture won t be the same without Mama, so he comes up with a plan to find her some hair and make her better Even though the plan doesn t work in quite the way Marcus expects, he comes to understand that hair is nice to have, but not as nice as me having Mama and Mama having me This is a story for every family dealing with a serious illness It is told with a touch of gentle humor in a style that children will readily understand, and the warm and inviting illustrations will bring comfort and hope to young and old alike.

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      Kelly Tinkham Amy Bates Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Hair for Mama book, this is one of the most wanted Kelly Tinkham Amy Bates author readers around the world.

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    • Hair For My Mama is a heartwarming story written by Kelly A. Tinkham and illustrated by Amy June Bates. This realistic fiction picture book is the story of eight-year-old Marcus as he attempts to find hair for his mother after her cancer treatments cause her to loose it. Each year Marcus’ family takes a portrait in October with the changing colors of nature as the backdrop. Eight year olds take comfort and security in routines and traditions. Marcus feels the unsettling affects of his mother [...]

    • Approximate Interest Level/Reading Level: ElementaryFormat: Picture BookAwards: Notable Social Studies Trade Books (2008)Inspired by a conversation with her children about her chemotherapy and her son’s offer to give her his hair after hers fell out, author Kelly Tinkman weaves an earnest story about an 8 year old boy who actually does cut off all of his hair to give to his disheartened mother who no longer wants to participate in their annual family photo. A mishap at the barber shop thwarts [...]

    • MUST-READ. It speaks about cancer in a way that is accessible to children, and is one of the sweetest books I've read in a while.

    • Hair for Mama is a heartstrings-tugging picture book on its own, but when you discover it comes from a true story, it grows all the more special and important. It is the story of a young boy who watches his mother lose her hair during chemotherapy and does all he can to give her back hair (and by extension, her health). But of course, it doesn't turn out as he planned--and that's okay because he learns what is most important of all.

    • This book brought tears to my eyes as the spirit of the family and uneasiness of discussing cancer come together when a family copes with their mother having cancer. Every October, the Carters have their picture taken outside with the fall colors being the beautiful backdrop of their family portrait. This year, Mama will not have any hair because the chemotherapy has left her bald. Mama has been feeling sick lately and doesn’t want her picture taken without hair. Eight-year-old Marcus tries de [...]

    • Summary-Hair for Mama is a picture book for kindergarten to 3rd graders. It is a story about an 8-year-old names Marcus and his family. Every October they take a family picture. He says that hair is important to his family. For the picture his brother and father wear their hair natural, his sister likes little braids, he gets a fade cut, and his mother swoops her braids together like a beautiful black crown. Marcus’s mother tells him that she has Cancer. She takes medicine to make her feel bet [...]

    • This book is a wonderful realistic fiction story that briefly discusses what a child might go through when his or her mother has cancer. This story is about a 7 year old child named Marcus that takes pictures with his family each fall. They buy new clothes and get their hair done in order to take beautiful pictures. When Marcus' mom finds out that she has cancer, she starts chemotherapy. With the treatment, Mama's hair falls out and she is very weak. Marcus starts thinking of ideas to help Mama [...]

    • This book touched my heart. My cousins daughter died of cancer at a young age, she didn't enjoy being around "healthy" kids because they would make fun of her because she didn't have hair; because of that it really upsets me when children are Intolerant? Scared of? people without hair. I really love this book because it can help children understand that it's ok, and that sadly, sometimes, people can't help it. The story is very touching and I think all parents/carers should read this to their ch [...]

    • This book just about made me cry. It takes a special kind of child to be as selfless as this child was and, you don't come across that very often. I absolutely loved it and, the illustrations were beautiful as well. This book is definitely at the top of my list of great books.

    • Realistic fiction. 2007. I think this book would be great to recommend to a child who knows someone or has a family member that is going through cancer treatments. This would not be a book I'd want to read to a class because it can be a very sensitive subject for some students. The meaning of the story is what I love most, which is that the most important thing anyone can do for someone who needs treatment, is to be there for them and love them. The main character, Marcus, does just that and tri [...]

    • This book tells the story of a boy and his family. The boy talks about how important family pictures are to his family. This family has an obsession with their African American hair. The family loves their kinks and curls. Unfortunately a couple months before the family's picture day, the boy's mother found out she had cancer. The mother decided to go through chemotherapy, which took away her long beautiful hair. This event changed everything in the boy's life. Picture day would not be the same [...]

    • Reading Level: 530Lexile Interest Level: K-3rd gradeGenre: Realistic FictionMain Characters: MarcusSetting: Home and community around that spans from August to OctoberPoint of View: MarcusThis story is about a boy Marcus who is faced with a dilemma. Marcus mother has cancer and each year they take family photos in the Fall for Christmas. Unfortunately, this year Marcus’ mother has no hair due to the chemotherapy treatments she is undergoing. Marcus hates to see his mother so unhappy and sick s [...]

    • It's family picture time for the Carters, but Mama does not want to be in the photo this year. All of her beautiful hair is gone because of chemotherapy treatments for her cancer, and she doesn't want to be remembered without hair. Eight-year-old Marcus knows that the picture won't be the same without Mama, so he comes up with a plan to find her some hair and make her better. Even though the plan doesn't work in quite the way Marcus expects, he comes to understand that "hair is nice to have, but [...]

    • The Carter family takes a family picture every year in October. Each year Mama pays special attention to the families clothing and hair for this special event. But this year is different because Mama has cancer and has lost her hair due to her treatments. Eight-year Marcus vows to get his mother hair before the photo.Wow, what a tough book to read. Had to fight back tears as I read it. This is a very difficult topic but one I know a lot of children face. My own children were witness to my mother [...]

    • This is a touching and realistic book about a family's experience with cancer and chemotherapy. It touches on many of the emotions, fears, unknowns and changes that come with a family member having cancer, yet isn't overwhelming. It strikes a good balance of the positive and negative emotions experienced by the family and portrays the realities of how, during a serious illness, life goes on and remains somewhat normal and yet it isn't normal at all. I appreciated how the author showed that the m [...]

    • If you don’t want to get a lump in your throat and tears in your eyes, then I suggest you not read Hair For Mama. Marcus is eight years old, and his family, the Carter’s always gets a family picture taken in October, though this October would be different. It would be different because this year Mama would not have hair in the picture. Throughout the whole book right from the start, Marcus talks about his Mama having cancer. He wants to find hair for his Mama. This book is a great book to re [...]

    • I would recommend this book for ages 4 through 10. This is a very said story about the Carters who are getting ready for their family photo. Mama doesn't want to be in the photo because she has undergone chemotherapy treatments for her cancer. Her son, Marcus cannot accept the fact that she won't be in the picture; therefore, he wants to get her a wig to wear in the picture. His plan doesn't really work, but he is satisfied in just having his mama around. This is a story for every family dealing [...]

    • The Carters are getting ready to take their family picture, but Mama does not want to be in the picture because she does not have any hair. Mama lost all of her hair during all of her chemotherapy treatments and she doesn't want people to remember her without any hair. Marcus, her eight year old son, thinks that it will not be a family photo if Mama is not in the picture. Marcus decides to think of a plan to try and get Mama in the picture with some hair. Even though the plan doesn't work in qui [...]

    • This story is personally appealing to myself because I lost my best friend of 14 years to cancer just 9 months ago, and I'm 20 years old now. Cancer is a very difficult concept for anyone, let alone children in the pre-operational stage of development, to grasp and cope with. Although it is such a deep and, often times, depressing topic, Tinkham approached it appropriately for the younger audience because of his use a comical relief in the right moment and the right amount. The main theme from t [...]

    • This picture book tells the story of Marcus and his family when their Mother gets cancer and ends up losing her hair. Marcus is aghast when he discovers that Mama might decide to stay out of the yearly family photo, and he searches for a solution. It doesn't turn out quite how he had expected. I liked this book for the theme of caring about others--so many times people resort to platitudes like "It doesn't matter how you look, it's what's inside that counts." But a lot of kids notice how concern [...]

    • I really enjoyed reading "Hair for Mama" and i think it would be an awesome story to read to young children. It is very realistic and it is about a child and his family dealing with their mother having cancer and going through chemotherapy. This would be a good book for children to read because it would help children who are going through the same thing relate to this book and help them realize they aren't the only ones going through this tough situation. It would also help children see what to [...]

    • We found out that the illustrator, Amy June Bates, is the daughter-in-law of a friend of ours, so we were interested to read this and a couple of her other stories, to be reviewed separately.Not only are the illustrations beautiful, the story was so heartwarming. A woman undergoing chemotherapy for cancer has lost all her hair, and doesn't want to be in the annual family portrait. Her young son promises to find her more hair in time for the portrait. His plan to find her hair is selfless and tou [...]

    • This is a very cute book about a boy whose mother has lost her hair due to chemotherapy. It is family picture day and she is too embarrassed to join because she has no hair. So, the little boy comes up with a plan to give his mom her hair back. This is definitely a good book to use in the classroom as students can relate to this family. They may have a family member going through the same thing, and this is a good book to share to show the importance of family and the support they provide throug [...]

    • This is a very powerful and realistic story about a boy who cuts off all of his hair for his mother, a patient fighting cancer. This book shows the mother going through the tiredness and hair loss associated with chemotherapy. It is important for kids to see someone other than their own loved one experiencing these symptoms.Although the family goes through a rough time, the mother does eventually get better. She also mentions that regardless of whether or not this would have happened to her, she [...]

    • Hair for Mama by Kelly A. Tinkham is a sweet and touching look at a child's view of his mother's cancer treatments. I just can't read this book without tears threatening. Marcus, age 8, desperately wants his mother to be in the annual family pictures in October. However, his mother has lost all of her hair due to chemotherapy and says she won't be in this year's pictures. Marcus has a plan, but when it falls through, will mama change her mind about the pictures after all? Cancer is explained ver [...]

    • "Hair for Mama," by Kelly A. Tinkham is a sad story of a boy who's mother has cancer. She is going through chemotherapy and lost all of her hair. Her son is determined to find hair for his mother for family picture day. When the plan does not work the mother tells the son that the hair does not matter and she is happy that she is getting better. This story was extremely sad. My heart immediately went out to the family in this story. Cancer is hard enough for adults to deal with let alone childre [...]

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