Grendel: Devil by the Deed

Grendel Devil by the Deed Hunter Rose is the brilliant twisted assassin Grendel a charismatic anti hero who has inspired a loyal following This collection brings to life one of the most popular alternative comic characters

  • Title: Grendel: Devil by the Deed
  • Author: Matt Wagner Rich Rankin Chris Pitzer Diana Schutz
  • ISBN: 9781593077365
  • Page: 131
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Hunter Rose is the brilliant, twisted assassin Grendel, a charismatic anti hero who has inspired a loyal following This collection brings to life one of the most popular alternative comic characters.

    • Unlimited [Music Book] Ï Grendel: Devil by the Deed - by Matt Wagner Rich Rankin Chris Pitzer Diana Schutz æ
      131 Matt Wagner Rich Rankin Chris Pitzer Diana Schutz
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    About “Matt Wagner Rich Rankin Chris Pitzer Diana Schutz

    • Matt Wagner Rich Rankin Chris Pitzer Diana Schutz

      Matt Wagner is an American comic book writer and artist In addition to his creator owned series Mage and Grendel, he has also worked on comics featuring The Demon and Batman as well as such titles as Sandman Mystery Theatre and Trinity, a DC Comics limited series featuring Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman.

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    • As a backup story in his other series, Mage (1984–1986), Wagner reworked and retold Hunter Rose's story in its entirety. It was collected by Comico in 1986. A new edition, recolored by Bernie Mireault, was published by Dark Horse in 1993. In 2007, it was released in hardcover colored only in black, white, and red. An experiment in illustrated fiction, the panels combine to form something of a static whole on each page, often likened to a stained glass window. Each page is both one picture and [...]

    • Grendel: Devil by the Deed was my first exposure to Grendel way back in the late 80s/early 90s. It's actually an illustrated text, rather than a comic book, but it is the lynch pin to the whole Grendel mythos. I highly recommend that anyone thinking about giving Grendel a try read DbtD first because a) It's what the author intended, and b) it will help put any stories of Hunter Rose, as well as the events of Devil's Legacy, into context.

    • I 've always liked this story. Have all the original Comico prints along with the Primer issue. Been waiting more than my lifetime to see this made into a movie.

    • This is the first Grendel tales, the hunter Rose Grendel. He is a writer/artist who takes over the crime gangs and bosses in the city. I feel this is one of the ultimate anti-heroes in comics, and it is one of the titles you won't see made into a movie, cartoon or tv series. This was hard core noir when it was written and these collections are pure gold. Really enjoyable and Matt Wagner is an amazing creator. various artists drew the books and to be honest, this is one of those stories where the [...]

    • I've never been a big fan of Matt Wagner and certainly don't get the fascination with his longest-extant original character Grendel. Even so, I find myself in possession of THREE Grendel books, all of which I've read several times and none of which makes enough an impression for me to remember much about them from one reading to the next (although, with my memory, the importance of that latter fact is debatable).This book, Devil by the Deed, serves as our introduction to the mysterious figure kn [...]

    • I'm not quite sure how to explain my love, as that is what I have, for the Grendel series without seeming somewhat odd. After all it is a dark and strange series I am expressing my love for and had the little boy who picked up his very first superhero comic known that one day his favorite characters would be the devil himself I can guarantee he'd have believed you.I first found Grendel at the bottom of a grab-bag and within its pages I meet Hunter Rose (the 1st Grendel). He was terrifying underw [...]

    • Compared to many of comic books' biggest fans, I'm relatively new to comics. As of the time of reviewing this book, I am in my mid 20s. My first big comic book was an Ultimate Spider-Man omnibus, which I read early on in high school. I didn't jump onto the bandwagon until a couple years later, right as I was starting my college education. From my understanding, a large chunk of comic book readers have been reading them since the 80s and 90s, long before I can even remember. To say that I am unfa [...]

    • This is a trimmed down version of my review, to view the full review visit The Book Ramble.Hunter Rose, a child protege, becomes an unstoppable assassin, Grendel, leading the criminal world of the entire East Coast, all the while being a famous author and father to an adopted young girl. This book documents the final battle between Grendel and his rival, Argent, the mysterious wolf who battles against him across the city at night.This comic was lent to me by a friend who said it was one of their [...]

    • The original Grendel story, created by Matt Wagner. Dark & slightly disturbing, but by no means the best Grendel story, this book is none the less a pretty thorough introduction to Hunter Rose, the first of many to adopt the Grendel identity. This hardcover may be hard to find (as with most Grendel books), but Dark Horse is releasing the complete Grendel epic in 4 massive omnibus collections (at a rate of one every six months or so), the first 2 of them being already available. From a financ [...]

    • I feel a bit torn for rating this book just 1.5 stars:The art work certainly has style. The black-red-white colour palette fits the overall mood quite well. The way pictures and text are intertwined/arranged is definitely innovative.Making an 'evil' character the focus of a comic book may even have been innovative in principle. Unfortunately he has no story of it's one: in this book Grendel story can not exist without it's opponent.But It reads like a brief summary (plot-skeleton) of an epic nov [...]

    • If I were to pick one word that would describe this volume it would be "Astounding." Matt Wagner crafts a unique and original double-layered story in which the author dictates one thing while the beautiful illustrations portray the truth. The characters are fantastic. Throughout this tale I was left guessing and carefully analyzing how this dark, urban set was related to the original epic of Beowolf. This is a rough depiction, dedicated more as a tribute to the individual character of Grendel ra [...]

    • una transicion necesaria e imperdible Wagner da cierre a el inconcluso volumen anterior con el prologo de lo que seria el segundo grendel, y en un tono de cronica periodistica policial por momentos da la impresion de leer un reporte de criminalistica que reconstruye los echos de lo sucedido."Grendel no es Hunter Rose, Grendel es el demonio de la mediocridad de las sociedades, un espiritu una entidad sin cuerpo, una fuerza sin rostro que se forma al azar que toma una identidad y la convierte en e [...]

    • I loved this when it came out in the 80's, and now with the additional material added I was extremely pleased with this book. Hunter Rose was a mystery to all the readers back in the day and the fleshing out of his story is what drew me back. I would recommend the entire series without hardly any reservations. The only one being in the third volume story arc, you might be offended if you are religious. Vivat Grendel.

    • Disturbing in a few places--as it should be if the main character is a serial killer/mob boss. Reading just this one Grendel book explains to me the popularity of the character--despite his evilness--definitely recommend. On top of the story, great art, amazing page compositions--very inventive. I wish more cartoonists played around with stuff like that.

    • Not much of a narrative beyond some simple summaries, Devil By the Deed is still the all-you-need-to-know primer to get into Matt Wagner's Grendel saga. It does showcase Wagner's earlier, less-sketchy artwork and a cool design sense to the panel flow that has been aped by many but mastered by few.

    • This is the graphic novel collecting the first appearances of Grendel in the back of the original Mage comic books. Hunter Rose is one of the greatest anti-heroes in comic book history, and Matt Wagner's finest creation.

    • I always find this comic hard to dive into because it’s so wordy. However, it’s a terrific noir story with great characters and weird twists, and the artwork underlying it all is beautiful.

    • The first of Matt Wagner's Grendel stories introduced the debonair Hunter Rose as the first incarnation of Grendel in a highly stylized and very dark story.

    • gotta love Grendel so mysterious and violent and subversive and just completely under the radar of Big Comics. I sure was sorry when he stopped writing this one.

    • I liked it, though, to be honest, I didn't expect to. The story is told entirely in captions, which is a bit freaky at first.

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