Little Memphis

Little Memphis Ford spills blood as an enforcer for the Little Memphis MC Shay makes an impulsive choice to start over her life in a wild city controlled by a motorcycle club Meeting Shay at the MCs bar Suede Ford

  • Title: Little Memphis
  • Author: Bijou Hunter
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 168
  • Format: ebook
  • Ford spills blood as an enforcer for the Little Memphis MC.Shay makes an impulsive choice to start over her life in a wild city controlled by a motorcycle club.Meeting Shay at the MCs bar Suede, Ford sees her as a shiny new toy to spice up his life Shay sees him as a sexy bastard she needs to avoid.The city of Little Memphis is filled with violence and dubious loyalties.Ford spills blood as an enforcer for the Little Memphis MC.Shay makes an impulsive choice to start over her life in a wild city controlled by a motorcycle club.Meeting Shay at the MC s bar Suede, Ford sees her as a shiny new toy to spice up his life Shay sees him as a sexy bastard she needs to avoid.The city of Little Memphis is filled with violence and dubious loyalties The days of the club s supremacy are over as enemies fight for territory and alliances fall apart It s a dangerous time to find love, but Ford and Shay have never been good at playing life smart.Cover art by Miranda Koryluk.

    • Unlimited [Christian Book] å Little Memphis - by Bijou Hunter ✓
      168 Bijou Hunter
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    • Didn't like the chick.[image error]I'm not gonna rate this book because I absolutely loved the writing style.Have you seen Sin City, that black&white and a-few-other-colors movies?Well, this book felt exactly like that. I have no idea why, but for some reason it made me think of that movie. It's not the plot or the characters, it's just the writing style. It felt like it was written in black and white and, from time to time, that spectacular red made you take notice of a phrase or a moment.D [...]

    • “I know it’s a mistake, but I’m falling for you.” “I know and it’s fucking beautiful.”4.5+ RATING- Little Memphis is the first book in the Little Memphis MC series by author Bijou Hunter and is a stand-alone novel. Other books in the series will focus on a different couple but share supporting characters. The story is told from dual points of view of the main characters, Pax and Shay. I'm not sure this story will rate as high for all readers, but I loved it! Even though I'm a self- [...]

    • With this new series Bijou Hunter has managed to not only make me love her more but make me even more excited for book two than I was for this book. The character’s created in this book blew me away not only did I fall in love with Ford and Shay but the side characters managed to steal my heart as easily as Ford and Shay.One night when Shay leave her job a man tries to harm her till Lucky steps in and gives her the chance of a new life. Not looking back Shay leaves the only home she ever knew [...]

    • The beginning of this book was rough for me. There is a morning after scene with H and OW- they aren't pleasant to each other, but we do find out that this is Ford's go to hookup when there isn't anyone else. We see this OW a few times in the book too- she is a waitress at the motorcycle club's bar. Ford also explains to Shay how this OW is his last choice hookup. How charming! I wasn't a Ford fan for half the book. His thoughts were crude and he thought of the h as temporary p*ssy. Shay is a st [...]

    • I hate those reviews that start out saying "I loved this book" but that's what I am thinking. Loved the characters and the love story between a hard ass like Ford and sweet, pragmatic Shay. But even more I loved the relationship between brothers Ford and Pax. Their one liners and bullshit dialogues made me laugh so much I cried. I really, really hope Pax is going to get his book next. I know my friend B.E. Love was happy happy with the dual POV epilogues and I loved them. If you like MC romance [...]

    • Another great read by Bijou Hunter. There was a part of the story where I was getting annoyed with the H thinking his relationship with Shay was only temporary. But then I realized through his thoughts that he just didn't think he'd ever have something so amazing and permanent for himself. Being a club enforcer and his childhood never had him reaching for anything of his own. Until Shay walked into his life. From the moment he sees her there are no ow for him. While his job is violent and he's r [...]

    • 3.5 to 4 stars Unable to think straight, I end up on the back of a stranger’s Harley on my way to a place he calls Little Memphis.You've seen this character before. The heroine who isn't dealt the best cards in life; one who, despite the misery around her, presents herself as a scrappy survivor, a little resourceful and on top of all this a mother figure to her two younger siblings.Yep. You've seen it, yet this heroine, Shay, got passed her "common" exterior and wormed her way into pleasantly [...]

    • These two books were amazing, the world that Bijou Hunter created was different an exciting. I love that she again creates something that not only stands out but is different and fun but also edgy. Ms. Hunter isn't afraid to step out of the box and make her heroes and heroines different. We get that some in books with heroes but I have found that's something harder to find with heroines. Most authors won't stray from the few "approved" set perimeters with heroines. Bijou Hunter isn't afraid to d [...]

    • 3.5 StarsOverall Opinion: I liked it, but I'm not sure if it'll go down as one of my favorites. When I chose a mc romance, I expect it to be kind of gritty and rough -- but this was a pretty light mc romance. I would recommend it to those that might want to try a mc romance but don't want the drama that comes with the club sluts or old ladies (because this didn't have that).Brief Summary of the Storyline:This is Shay and Ford's story. Shay is working as a stripper trying to support her 2 younger [...]

    • I love when this happens. I was on looking for a new book to read and I stumbled on this one. I got the sample and was hooked. The writing was excellant. I loved the characters so much. You have Shay who is stripping to keep her family afloat when she runns into Lucky. He sees something in her a girl who needs a fresh start. Shay being impulsive decides she does need a new start so she goes with Lucky to Little Memphis. She doesn't want any attention so she kind of dresses like a boy. Trucker h [...]

    • Wow - just wow!!! I can't think of any other mc book that has made me laugh or cry this much. I was laughing for like 2/3 of the book. The banter between the brothers (Ford and Pax) and then the banter within the whole community was just priceless. I actually had to stop drinking my beverage for the last half of the book because I was laughing so much. This book really knocked it out the park with it's heroine, Shay. She's not a victim. She's a young woman that I can totally identify with. Ford, [...]

    • Ford is the best, a biker and an enforcer, the perfect combination! I love the characters and the banter between them. This book reminds me a lot of her Damaged series!

    • Best READ in a while Totally Thoroughly Enjoyed this Awesome Book LOV LOV Loved It & Want the 2nd immediately I think k I was heading g into a book slump But this Awesome Book got me out of itFord & Pax hard case take the Pi$$ brothers that stick fat they only really trust each other Shay don't take carp from Ford who she falls for she's got just as snappy of a mouth & gives it back the end Beautiful even shed a few tears at how beautiful it was this is one of my Favourite author [...]

    • Falling in Love with Little Memphis!This book is a must read if you like MC books, Bijou Hunters Books, book with anti heroes, books with cool chicksOK this book is just a must read.I knew nothing about this book before I started it, just that it was a new series written by an author I follow. I went along for the ride and loved it.Shay is a girl with no prospects, bad parental examples and no idea how to make her life better. She meets a biker called Lucky and her life changes. She lands in a t [...]

    • Shay knows that if she continues to follow the same pace of cleaning up her moms messes, she is doomed to a life of unhappiness. When a biker sees something that reminds him of himself, he offers Shay a fresh chance. Nothing expected in return, just Shay getting to start her own life.One thing Shay wants to stay away from is men, her mothers bad habits have taught her enough about the traps she can easily fall into. That is until she meets enforcer Ford, he makes his interest known for the get g [...]

    • It had funny parts and a couple entertaining fight scenes. The hero and heroine were likable. Mostly the plot was whether or not they would ever become an officially committed couple.There was also an unresolved plot of the power struggle in the shitty town the book was set it, but it doesn't come close to being resolved. I guess it's the overall story arc for the whole series. I'll probably read the next one because I hope it's about Pax.

    • Dnf at 53%. I loved the first chapters, and liked the characters, but then I didn't buy their connection. I expected hotter and more descriptive sex scenes, too. I could finish the book, but I don't care that much about their relationship.

    • Fantastic.With the exception of 'Gator' I've loved everything Bijou has written her 'Damaged' series is simply fantastic but 'Gator' it didn't matter how many times I tried I just could not get through that book.Anyway back to 'Little Memphis' it's amazing, it's damaged all over again, the characters are dirty and real as we've come to expect from this author, the relationships have depth and realism and it has humour, I love that about a book, especially a book like this where it's dark and gri [...]

    • There are some really interesting relationships within this little town.Shay and Ford: Shay is young,inexperienced, insecure. She doesn't want to get her heart broken, but can see herself falling head over heels for Ford. Ford is attracted to Shay, he sees something different in her but knows she's wounded. He's looking for a good time,nothing serious. His only real loyalty is to his brother. They both learn to trust,be honest, and take a chance.Ford and Pax: Blood brothers and enforcers for the [...]

    • Gator, Used and the first two Damaged books all received 4 stars but mixed reviews from me. I have a love/hate relationship with this author's work times I really love her writing and then there are moments I don't want to read any moreuntil now.I guess my love for all books MC related pulled me in and after reading the description (and that 99 cent price tag didn't hurt) I was sold.I loved the Reed brothers awesome combo of dangerous, sexy, smart and funnywho would not want to be the filling of [...]

    • Another great biker story by Bijou Hunter. I think I have read just about all of her biker books with The Damage by far is one of my favorites. But Little Memphis has not moved to the front of the pack. Shay was not the typical hopeless female, but a strong female that wanted better for herself and her brothers. I think that’s what attracted me to Shay the most. Her dedication to helping her brothers even though she had to leave them behind she still felt connected to them. We all know angels [...]

    • Little Memphis is the place to be!!With danger and violence comes the most powerful MC's two enforcers-with rivals who cause mayhem and these two sexy, man-whore players LUV to smash faces together. The dirtier and messier the better.Two brothers with a bond thicker than blood, nothing can get in between these two.Ford AKA: sexy, bad a** man-whore player is hard to tame. Always bored and in need of a new toy.For Shay making friends was never easy-which is why she has none. Having to care of her [...]

    • I'm almost torn on this book.I felt the first half that the H didn't care enoughor should I say, showed it enough. However the 2nd half I felt was PERFECT on behalf of the H. There were just some things that I felt moved to slow or needed more "umph" to make it even more exciting.This is a good story about a young, naive, overly trusting h that needs to move on with her life or she'll end up just like her mom.She gets together with a biker club, is accepted and then falls madly in love with our [...]

    • Hot damn somebody call nine one one! This MC biker romance novel has it all. No complaints what so ever. Loved the plot, loved Ford and Shay, they were freakin awesome together! It wasn't what I was expecting, damn sure one hell of a good read, something I haven't had for awhile. Too bad can't get this story more stars cause the author deserves them! Excellentexcellentad all about it!

    • Seemed like a good story but I think I just didn't agree with the writing style. Happens sometimes and makes it hard to really get into the story. On this case, I drop it at 50%.

    • This was a fun MC book to read, and to be honest I didn't have high aspirations. The banter between Shay, Ford and Pax was hilarious. I really hope that Pax's book has him hooking up with Bebe!

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