Knight's Lady

Knight s Lady Magically transported to fourteenth century Scotland Alex and Lindsay MacNeil find their loyalty and love to each other tested when they are separated in battle

  • Title: Knight's Lady
  • Author: Julianne Lee
  • ISBN: 9780441015733
  • Page: 188
  • Format: Paperback
  • Magically transported to fourteenth century Scotland, Alex and Lindsay MacNeil find their loyalty and love to each other tested when they are separated in battle.

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      188 Julianne Lee
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      In the words of Bill Cosby, I started out as a child I was born in California, at the age of about zero, on the United States Naval Base at Point Mugu Dad was a pilot and Mom a former WAVE For about a year I was an only child, but then my brother was born, and over the years I collected siblings like they were beanie babies A brother, two sisters, later on a half sister, and we ll not get into the scads of stepbrothers and former stepbrothers.At twelve I began to write for fun, which I think is the only real reason to write fiction I figured it beat reality any old day, and I liked sitting at the desk in my room, pretending to be doing something worthwhile Daydreaming with a purpose, and gradually I realized I could gain approval for the very thing teachers used to criticize me for in class I wanted to be an actor, and by the age of sixteen my dream pipe dream was to attend the American Academy of Dramatic Arts But I knew it would never happen The Academy was in New York, and that was too far away to even contemplate seriously So I started college as an art major I was a terrible artist I did a good job of fooling myself and everyone around me, but eventually I gave up the charade and left home for Los Angeles at twenty.What, ho When I got there I found the American Academy had recently openedup a campus in Pasadena By the kindness of some people I met in L.A I was recommended to the school and accepted The following two years was a turning point, that changed my life in ways that are still unfolding Though an education in theatre bestows skills that are not terribly marketable in ordinary life, the things I learned at that school have benefited me every day since Stage fright has not since held the terror it once did At the school, I discovered I could be funny, a fact that might have saved me a lot of grief had I known it in grammar school I could have been a fabulous class clown In addition to this self discovery, while I was at the Academy I wrote my first novel In longhand I still had no idea I wanted to be a writer all I knew was that there could be peace in living inside a story about someone else.Almost immediately after graduating from the Academy, I met and married Dale Lee We left Los Angeles, but I was kicking and screaming the whole way Twenty odd years later, I still miss the place We had two kids right away, so I now had three children, one of each a boy, a girl, and a husband There were a couple of acting jobs, most notably two days on At Close Range, a feature film starring Christopher Walken and Sean Penn, and a TV movie starring Ann Margaret But in trying to be an actor in Nashville, I realized most of the other actors in town were looking forward to their big chance to leave for Los Angeles, and I knew that would never be a possibility for me At thirty I decided I was getting old faster than I was getting famous, so I looked for something to do besides acting and changing diapers Throughout this time I d kept writing, though sporadically, and about then I began a second novel Gradually an inkling came there might be a possibility of becoming published I sure wasn t any good at anything else I might have done locally On January 27, 1987 I bought my first copy of Writers Digest Another turning point in my life For the next several years I wrote manuscripts, sent the work out, joined writers groups, and workshopped my novels with the Green River Writers in Louisville, KY After seven years I sold my first short story, Culture Control, to the now defunct Cosmic Unicorn Immediately afterward I was hired by the local newspaper From there I went to writing actor interviews for Starlog Magazine , a job for which I was singularly qualified.I also wrote some video sleeve copy for Fox Home Video That stands as the most highly paid time per hour I ve ever spent, and I loved it even if it did attract sympathy from misguided folks who thought it less

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    • Received from the publishers (Book View Cafe) in ebook format via Librarything's Early reviewers May 2013 batch.This is the third in the MacNeil time travel series.This is the third in the MacNeil time travel series. It's a few months after the last book. Alex has been away for several months checking out the new lands granted to him by the king. Trefor, who fell down into fairy land at the end of the last book (Knight's Blood), has been abandoned by his "love" Morag but has been taught loads of [...]

    • I received this book from LibraryThing for and honest review. An interesting tale of trust, struggles, loyalty and magic. Since this book is the third in a series I did not understand the story from the beginning and as a reader it would be best to begin with Book 1 to understand the complete plot.For me, there were many gaps in the story line since I did not read from the start and did not understand the whole story behind the plot, but what I have read I could detect that all three main charac [...]

    • Knight's Lady, by Julianne Lee, is the third book in her Knight's Blood series. It tells the story of a very intensely in love couple from 20th century America who find themselves as landowners in 24th century Ireland. Their son, having grown to adulthood via an alternate timeline from their own, arrived on the scene to find out why his parents abandoned him (they hadn't). Lindsay, the wife and mother is abducted by a Faerie, with bursts of accompanying magic, but not much interaction with the m [...]

    • In this last chapter [REALLY?! I don’t want this to be the final chapter! I’d like to now more! This didn’t end on a final note, so I really REALLY hope there will be more!], Alex comes into his own and the love he bares to his wife is stronger than ever; Lindsay, on the other hand continues to baffle, but in the end I cut her some slack because she really is a complex character.We also came to know real Trefor and he grew on me [although I wished he’d grow on his mother too].All in all, [...]

    • Alex and Lindsay MacNeil are from the twenty-first century now living in thirteenth. Alex and Lindsay's son Trefor is also there. Lindsay is frustrated by her role in this time but grudgingly accepts this. Alex is called upon to take up arms in Robert's name and doesn't dare refuse either. Meanwhile Trefor has become a pawn for the fey in more ways than one. Trefor is also taught magic. Trefor is unsure of the game being played but knows his parents are also apart of it as well. Lindsay is kidna [...]

    • This series has had my emotions all over the place. I say that with the highest compliment to Julianne Lee. I have followed these characters with my heart in my throat. laughter one minute, anger the next, tears the next. She brings the series to an end where it left me wondering if there will be more. A girl can only hope. If it's the end, I can deal with that and be happy I've read them, but find myself wondering about some ends that could still be left hanging. Again, a girl can only hope. :) [...]

    • Der 3. Band der "Ritter der Zeit"-Reihe hat mich nicht überzeugt. Feen, Zauber, aber Handlungen ohne Sinn und Ziel.Ich gebe noch 05/10 Punkte und habe HIER etwas mehr geschrieben.

    • The book is great. Until the end. I reached the end only to be left wondering what comes next. Come to find out, my imagination has to finish the story. Complete let down.

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