The Lost Shinmahs

The Lost Shinmahs When steel or sorcery won t suffice what do you turn to The human mind A tale where the power of the mind confronts sword sorcery The story of an uncommon few who set out to do what mighty armies cou

  • Title: The Lost Shinmahs
  • Author: Kevan Dinn
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 196
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When steel or sorcery won t suffice, what do you turn to The human mind.A tale where the power of the mind confronts sword sorcery The story of an uncommon few who set out to do what mighty armies could not.On s Kindle Bestseller Lists 1 in Sword Sorcery Coming of Age Myths Legends and Indian Writing.The realm of Yashin is immune to eveWhen steel or sorcery won t suffice, what do you turn to The human mind.A tale where the power of the mind confronts sword sorcery The story of an uncommon few who set out to do what mighty armies could not.On s Kindle Bestseller Lists 1 in Sword Sorcery Coming of Age Myths Legends and Indian Writing.The realm of Yashin is immune to every physical threat, and its armies are unmatched Khomer, the Yashinian warlord, now sets his sights on Liguanea as his gateway to subjugating the free world With no answer to his sorcery and physical supremacy, hope rests on a handful of men and women with uncommon mental prowess who have not been seen for years the Lost Shinmahs.A Shinmah family sets out from exile to train their ward s mind at Liguanea They are unprepared, for Khomer lies in wait with his agents aprowl Driven from one danger to the next by Khomer s relentless pursuit, they must reach Liguanea at all costs For, at stake is all of Pangaea.But there can be no sanctuary from KhomerThe term Shinmah is derived from Sanskrit, and connotes mind power.Available on For about the Shinmahs and the novel, click here

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    • Kevan Dinn

      After years of hectic corporate life across four continents, I wanted do something different, creative and personally satisfying Like writing fiction I created a new world with a whole new set of mental powers, and set a four book epic in the world that reflects my own taste in reading heroism adventure long odds and a mix of mental, physical and sorcerous powers.Three of the four books are now available on at these links The Lost Shinmahs Assassin s Tribute Quatil s VengeanceTired of extensive physical travel around the world, I now prefer less punishing mental excursions into fictional worlds of my own creation links The Lost Shinmahs Assassin s Tribute Quatil s Vengeance

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    • WellI'm a great fantasy fan and I've read them all :) Not boasting but seriously there are very few series that I haven't read. I was a bit apprehensive when I picked up this book. Though this one didn't have the brilliance of LOTR, it was a good read nonetheless. The world created is interesting.e creatures new and engaging.but what I loved about this book are the concepts introduced. For example, the idea that nothing is good or evil, it is all a matter of perception is praise worthy. The deve [...]

    • First off, this is one of the very few recent commercial fiction books from India where the writing is good, and follows global norms.The world is fresh and new, and the backstory is compelling. The characters are pretty good and well-etched. A pretty good creative effort from a first-time author.I thought there was some depth to this book, particularly in its backstory. The politics is an interesting mix of a quasi-federation/quasi-democracy sandwiched between a monarchy and an autocracy. And t [...]

    • Nice book.Clean writing that strikes a nice balance. It is not slangy or of the pulp fiction variety. And at the same time, it is not ponderous like in some literary fiction. It flows smoothly, and has good visual imagery. As I read it, I couldn’t help thinking that it will make a good movie.The characters are unusual and etched well, and I particularly liked the female characters. I was left with a warmth for them, and am keen on knowing what happens to them. With 4-5 strong central character [...]

    • This rating is not mine. It represents the views of 30-odd beta readers who read the book before publication.I believe the book is among the first to explore mental powers, both subtle and manifest, in a substantive way. The world and the magic system are entirely new, as are the characters and several beings. Like many older classic epics, it is a heroic story that features multiple heroes rather than anti-heroes. There is a good deal of sword & sorcery, but it is not grim dark.

    • I found this book when the author posted about it in the Sword and Laser book club "Author Promo" section. It was available as a free Kindle book one weekend, so I grabbed it (note, it can still be "borrowed" via the Prime lending system for free, if you're a Prime member).All in all, it was a good, not great, book. The book was desperately in need of an editor: there were parts that were rushed, parts that plodded along, and a variety of typos and mis-spellings. That said, I can't really fault [...]

    • I really liked this book. It's in three parts.The first and third parts are typical fantasy - action, intrigue, pacy sword-and-sorcery stuff. The middle part is a little slower, and that is the part I liked best - for its world building, exploration of the magic system (mental powers), and the reluctant maturing of a peace-loving boy into a warrior. (view spoiler)[His initial questioning of the cause for violence was nicely juxtaposed with the parts where he reverses his stance as he personally [...]

    • Amazing imagination and world-building and a pacy read. Better English than in most published works in India. One of the standout features is that it is one of the few fantasy books coming out of India which is not a mere retelling of existing Indian myth.

    • Here is the link to the review of this book:prathamesh-amrutkar.iCheck it out! Book is awesome. It won't disappoint you.

    • - language was different and nice; clean- plot, suspense was intriguing- the world is different from most fantasy books; liked it- fast paced; held my attention

    • My review: bit/175VQcaSome books deserve a publishing deal. I think this is one. There is nothing very complex about the plot or the narration, but it has the magic necessary to hold the reader's attention. Parts of it took me back to a childhood habit as well. The world created is new, and the ending leaves me eager, as a reader, to explore more of that fantasy world. Some parts of the book felt very rushed, but I guess that's because the volume was becoming heavy. Other than this, I'd just sug [...]

    • Not terrible and definitely some interesting shifts in the ideas of magic, though calling it profound is a bit of a stretch as essentially what a person does with their mind here is no different than what is done by incantation elsewhere. At times the story reads like a D&D journey, villains popping out of nowhere to pump up a flagging narrative, but the characters are interesting enough to keep this problem to a relative minimum. Definitely a good first novel to a series and this reader hop [...]

    • An entertaining read for fans of classic/epic fantasy, admittedly a genre I haven't read for a while. Kevan Dinn's talents are especially evident in world-building and immersive descriptions of the settings in this first volume. One of the challenges with writing in this genre is dealing with backstory, and here I have to admit that I skipped some sections where there was too much info-dumping. Additional editing would have helped fix typos and some issues with pacing. Overall, though, it was an [...]

    • I had thought that Indian fantasy fiction was limited to mythology rehashes. But when I searched eBooks, I found a couple of original fantasy authors like the author of this book.I don't recall reading a fantasy book that dwells primarily on mental powers. To that extent, this book seems unique - not only in India, but in the entire fantasy genre. That this is from an little known Indian writer, is quite a surprise.Great characters, intriguing world, and a very nice story. Above all, a very enjo [...]

    • There is a vast fantasy adventure story bring told in these pages, one with a lot of solid elements, magical weapons, a distinctive magic system, and plenty of mystical beings and creatures. What is lacking, though, is a fluidity of writing style. Passages and conversations come off stilted, and are far less effective then they could be. Kevan, find yourself an editor. A mean, author-hating ogre of an editor, but one who will guide you into making your good books great ones.

    • A bit light reading. Though there are some contemplations about morality, good/evil etc nothing is fleshed out clearly. There doesn't seem to be any result/outcome of those discussions. Decent book. Nothing extraordinary.

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