Killer Cocktail

Killer Cocktail Former detective Nic and well heeled wag Nigel star in their own Hollywood whodunitWalking the red carpet at the Academy Awards with a bow tied Bullmastiff draws Nic and Nigel Martini plenty of attent

  • Title: Killer Cocktail
  • Author: Tracy Kiely
  • ISBN: 9780738745237
  • Page: 106
  • Format: Paperback
  • Former detective Nic and well heeled wag Nigel star in their own Hollywood whodunitWalking the red carpet at the Academy Awards with a bow tied Bullmastiff draws Nic and Nigel Martini plenty of attention from the press But that s nothing compared to the attention they receive at the A list after party, when Hollywood royalty learn they ve discovered behind the scenes footFormer detective Nic and well heeled wag Nigel star in their own Hollywood whodunitWalking the red carpet at the Academy Awards with a bow tied Bullmastiff draws Nic and Nigel Martini plenty of attention from the press But that s nothing compared to the attention they receive at the A list after party, when Hollywood royalty learn they ve discovered behind the scenes footage from an acclaimed film that left one of its stars dead.Returning home after the party, Nic and Nigel find their house in shambles and their employee DeDee Evans beaten within an inch of her life And when the weapon used to pummel DeDee implicates a beloved actress, Nic and Nigel drink and banter their way into a modern day version of a golden age crime caper.Praise Kiely s modern day Nick and Nora Charles provide plenty of clever repartee as they delve into a mystery full of Hollywood heavyweights with motives for murder Kirkus Reviews It s a gossip columnist s delight This is a lively romp, with snappy dialogue, likeable leads, and a goofball dog who stays in on the action Booklist A terrific mystery The plot, as well as the conversations between the couple, and their relationship with their gigantic dog, are all a plus where this outstanding story is concerned Suspense Magazine

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    • Tracy Kiely

      Tracy Kiely graduated from Trinity College in 1990 with a degree in English Tracy s first novel, Murder at Longbourn, is a mystery set in Cape Cod, and combines her love of the classic English country house murder and Jane Austen s Pride and Prejudice She currently lives in Maryland with her husband, Matt, and their three children.

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    • Another great story in this fantastic series. I love the banter and chemistry between Nic and Nigel. Their bull mastiff, Skippy, is so adorable and funny. He brings a lot of humor to the stories and in this story, helps Nic and Nigel solve the mystery. The mystery was fast paced and kept me guessing all the way up, until the end on who the killer was. Very much looking forward to reading the third book, when it is released later this year.

    • Nic and Nigel have recently discovered some home movies from the production of A Winter’s Night, a huge movie from 20 years ago famous not only for the wonderful story but the behind the scenes drama, including the death of the original star. They are the talk of the Oscars, but a break in convince the couple that there is someone on those tapes someone doesn’t want seen. Can they figure out what that is?This is a second delightful romp with a modern day homage to The Thin Man, not that you [...]

    • The second entry in this cozy series will keep readers amused even as they try to pin down which of the suspects is responsible for a murder committed two decades ago. Killer Cocktail begins with Nic and Nigel Martini and their bull mastiff Skippy on the red carpet for the Oscars. Nic is a retired New York police detective and Nigel owns a film restoration company. The couple has recently bought a house and discovered a box of home movies taken by the producers daughter during the filming of a c [...]

    • In Tracy Kiely's Killer Cocktail, the 2nd installment in the Nicole and Nigel Martini cozy mystery series, you'll get a taste of Hollywood behind the scenes. If you loved JA Konrath's Jack Daniels mystery series, you'll love this one, too. For Nicole and Nigel Martini, they've been invited to a Hollywood party for the Oscars and get to mingle with the stars. They just renovated and brought the home from Frank Sameuls, a top-notch Hollywood producer, and discovered old film footage from one of th [...]

    • It 's a very enjoyable and entertaining read, a brilliant cozy mystery set in the world of Hollywood.Nic and Nigel have recovered in the attic of their new home a copy of A Winter's Night, a film that seemed lost forever. This give them the right to walk the red carpet at the Academy Awards. But when they get home find a mess and injured the boy who had entrusted their dog. Will be linked to the film that they have found? One of the actresses of this film is dead, some think that it was a fake d [...]

    • I'm struggling to give this 3 stars, but knowing there is a big audience for this light mystery, I wouldn't want to discourage anyone who loves cozies from reading this one. It was a cute take-off on Nick and Nora Charles, except "Asta" is a bullmastiff named "Skippy" in this version. The humor is funny at first but started to wear a little thin for me when the clever banter slowed down the progress of the story. I guessed the motive early on but not whodunnit. It was cleverly told with alternat [...]

    • Former police detective Nicole and her dilettante husband Nigel Martini are in the business of finding and restoring lost films. When they find some home movies made on the set of the classic 'A Winter's Night,' it becomes clear that someone doesn't want them to view the footage. Of course, star Melanie Summers died during the filming, and her rival Christine Franklin got her big chance--and a long run with Melanie's former boyfriend, John Cummings. Is it a coincidence that the same people are c [...]

    • This series is great fun! I absolutely love Nic, Nigel and Skippy. I figured out a few clues before Nic and Nigel, had some wild theories of my own, but ultimately failed to guess the killer's identity.

    • Princess Fuzzypants here:I love the Thin Man movies. I love the NIck and Nora book series. This book clearly tries to emulate the froth and fun of the original. The Nic and Nigel dialogue succeeded. I could hear William Powell deliver NIgel's lines and Nic almost got Myrna Loy down too. The story was interesting. Video tapes are discovered in their new home from the film set of a classic movie. It had to be reshot because the leading lady committed suicide- or did she?When some of the tapes are [...]

    • What a fun find this was! I was browsing the mystery section at my library and stumbled upon the second in Tracy Kiely's exceedingly fun Nic and Nigel series. I was drawn to the bright cover and the title, then when I read the comments calling it a modern-day Nick and Nora Charles-type cozy mystery, I was hooked. I LOVE the Thin Man movies (if you don't know them, they're black and white Myrna Loy/William Powell movies based on a couple of Dashiell Hammett short stories), and Kiely has absolutel [...]

    • After reading A Perfect Manhattan Murder, I had to read the previous Nic & Nigel book. I really enjoyed the wit, plot, and pace. The characters were well written. The story is narrated in first person by Nic. It is an entertaining quick read. I enjoyed older movies growing up and this had a “Nora & Nick” feeling to it. Reading these in order is not necessary. It does well as a standalone book.What I enjoy the most about this series is the character interaction, the dialogue, and the [...]

    • What a fun read. If you like your mysteries with a big dose of smart ass repartee, this one's for you. Former police detective Nic and her wealthy husband Nigel are in Hollywood. An old scandal concerning the alleged overdose death of a young actress reappears and all the involved parties are still around and making a movie together. Someone has a secret that they are willing to murder to keep quiet. Nic and Nigel and their pony sized dog Skippy are on the job.

    • Title: Killer Cocktails - Nic & Nigel Mystery 2 Author: Tracy Kiely Published: 5-8-2016 Publisher: Midnight Ink Pages: 240 Genre: Mystery, Thrillers& Suspense Sub Genre: Women Amateur Sleuths; Cozy Mystery ISBN: 9780738745237 ASIN: B01A5OGVRG Reviewer: DelAnne Reviewed For: NetGalleyRating: 5 Stars . Nigel and Nic take on Hollywood glitz and over-sized egos with wit and humor. After purchasing the home of a Hollywood Producers of a film where lead female Melanie [...]

    • Nic and Nigel Martini have a great relationship. They both are snarky and if there was ever a town that needs more snark it's Hollywood. And I think it was great that they slapped a black bow-tie on their dog and walked him on the Red Carpet! Self-important stage monsters (mothers) and patronizing police detectives are just two targets of their unique sense of humor.The Martini's bought their house from a Hollywood producer. Years ago his daughter took candid video backstage on a movie set where [...]

    • I need a cocktail after this Dirty Martini!The story opens with Nigel and Nicole Martini on the red carpet at the Oscars with their bull mastiff, Skippy. I think I felt the omens at the first page. This isn’t an awful book, and the plot is quite clever and well executed, but personally I couldn’t work out why Nic was still with Nigel. He works in films and she is an ex-New York detective from the homicide division. Whilst Nic is adult and responsible, Nigel seems to have ‘one-liner’ Tour [...]

    • Dollycas’s ThoughtsAnother extraordinary story from Tracy Kiely!Nic, Nigel, and Skippy go to the Oscars and we get to tag along. (Skippy has to go home after the red carpet.) At the after party Nic and Nigel are pretty popular because the celebs learn they found some behind the scenes footage from a movie filmed in the 90’s. Melanie Summers died while it was filming and there was a lot of gossip and innuendo at the time. Someone overheard the conversations and knew those clips couldn’t see [...]

    • Killer Cocktail is a light mystery featuring a contemporary couple Nic and Nigel Marini. Nigel's company restores old film and Nic used to be a police detective. They have recently purchased a home where they found some homemade video shot during the making of a famous movie where the lead actress committed suicide. They take on a Hollywood "red carpet" crowd that may or may not be involved in more than one suspicious death.The banter and conversation between Nic and Nigel is humourous and their [...]

    • Killer Cocktail is a very engaging light mystery featuring a contemporary couple reminiscent of "Nick and Nora" in the Thin Man series. Witty and worldly, Kiely's couple take on a Hollywood "red carpet" crowd that appear to be involved in more than one suspicious death.The fun is in the couple's banter and in their over-the-top affection for their family pet---a gigantic dog that accompanies them everywhere, including the Oscar ceremony.I found the book a perfect tonic to tone down a busy holida [...]

    • Nicole "Nic" and Nigel Martini, like the second "Thin Man" movie, have returned home to California. The book opens with them on the Oscars' red carpet with their Bull Mastiff, Skippy. He is handed off to their assistant DeDee. Later that night, DeDee is attacked, beaten nearly to death. Could the intruder have been after the home movies that Nic and Nigel found in their attic? The behind-the-scenes films done by the producer's daughter seem to have stirred up a hornet's nest. A Winter's Night wa [...]

    • A take off of an old .Mr. and Mrs, North who had a white toy poodle, stories. In this tale, the Martinis are at the Academy Awards. The have Skippy, a large bullmastiff. After the awards, they attend an A-list party sending Skippy home. Recently, they found footage of an early awarding film. It was taken during the filming of the film. Returning home Nic and Nigel find their employee severely was beaten and their home ransacked. Portions of the film are missing. The LA homicide detective dislike [...]

    • A delightful & fun adventure with husband, Nigel (old money), wife, Nic (retired New York Detective) and their Bullmastiff, Skippy. Living in Hollywood and running around with the Oscar crowd is fun until a robbery at their home leaves their employee brutally beaten. Behind the scenes film footage of a classic movie in which the original leading lady committed suicide during filming was discovered when Nic and Nigel moved into their new home. Linking the film to the robbery and assualt lead [...]

    • I enjoyed Killer Cocktail more than the first book in the series, Murder with a Twist. I think it's because this book sets up the characters of Nic and Nigel better, giving us a bit more background with them on their home turf which I would have preferred in the first book. There's still not a lot of setup though. The mystery was fairly solid and interesting, but Nigel still seems wasted to me, This is the Nic and Nigel mystery series, let's have Nigel participate more instead of just showing up [...]

    • KILLER COCKTAIL is an enjoyable, light mystery, a Mimosa on a summery morning. The dialogue is engaging, especially between the two main characters - a wealthy couple who love to banter wits. These two find themselves embroiled in a 20-year-old murder while rubbing shoulders with Hollywood's elite. Nic, a NYC police detective (ret) has a knack for mixing martinis and danger. Husband Nigel follows along for the drinks and drama with a Bullmastiff named Skipper. This is a fun book, and I imagine a [...]

    • ARC honest review for Midnight Ink Books via NetGalley.This is the second book in Tracey Kiely's, Nic & Nigel mysteries. But the first one that I have read.Tracey has given a modern twist on the Nick & Nora Charles Mystery, The Thin Man by Dashiell Hammett.A very light and entertaining read. Well written, with a good plot and characters. Glad that I have brought the first book in this series to read.If you like the review and would like to read reviews on other books I have made, visit m [...]

    • A light interesting story. Takes place in Los Angeles and has to do w/actors, academy award, etc.The couple, the Martini's, are interesting and add a bit of humor. The author does well w/descriptions of the characters. Mid-story I was able to figure out part of the ending; but was surprised at the ending and who the actual killer was. I think I'd read another if I found itght and a quick read.

    • I loved Tracy Kiely's Jane Austen inspired murder mystery novels. However, I am very disappointed with this series. It does have some good one liners, but the plot isn't very engaging. I couldn't keep the characters straight. It just kind of lacked the plot development that is so good in her other novels.

    • Quick, easy, light reading. Likable characters, but a little overdone on the quirkiness at times. Just didn't enjoy this as much as the first book. Liked her first series much more. Wishing she would write some more of those books.

    • Needed much more Nic and Nigel. With so many pages devoted to what was happening at the Oscar party and the-behind-the movie-scenes footage that Nigel found, there is not as much of the fun couple as I would have hoped for. Still enjoyed it.

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