The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal Omnibus

The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal Omnibus E K Weaver s critically acclaimed road trip romance comic is collected here in this award winning commercially successful omnibus edition Less Than Epic tells the story of Amal just out of the closet

  • Title: The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal Omnibus
  • Author: E.K. Weaver
  • ISBN: 9780983875550
  • Page: 470
  • Format: Paperback
  • E.K Weaver s critically acclaimed road trip romance comic is collected here in this award winning, commercially successful omnibus edition Less Than Epic tells the story of Amal just out of the closet and freshly disowned by his parents and TJ a mysterious and eccentric vagrant and their journey across the continental United States.

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      470 E.K. Weaver
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    About “E.K. Weaver

    • E.K. Weaver

      E.K Weaver was born during disco and grew up in a town full of rockets She briefly slipped into and out of the Bible Belt and now lives in Austin, Texas with her husband Brett, two dopey dogs, a cat who likes everyone, and a cat who hates everyone.She has been drawing since childhood, and really should be better at it than she is now.She is a chaotic neutral Libra with a 3 heat shield Her weak points are used CD shops, font collections, and seeds.E.K also gets a little weirded out writing about herself in the third person.

    270 thoughts on “The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal Omnibus

    • This book raised the bar for characterization and visual design across the whole comics industry. This is one of those rare graphic novels out there you can't /not/ think is about real, living human beings you could pass on the street today. Everyone should read it!

    • A surprisingly slow burning webcomic gone print. I knew the basic premise going into the comic, but I guess I figured it would be more goofy and less heart felt then it necessarily ended up being. Not to say it lacked in the humor department, it certainly had its share of funny moments, but it was just a lot quieter then I expected.For an American comic (at least in my general experience) this comic had a lot of silent panels. Or rather wordless panels technically speaking, because Weaver still [...]

    • Incredible. Could never work as anything but a graphic novel. Understated dialogue, with lots of space for facial expressions to do the talking. There are points where the panels invite you to just pause and admire/contemplate TJ and Amal, the way that they are pausing to admire and be astonished as they fall in love.The last page.!! ACK. YOU CAN'T DO THAT.I'm going to want to go back and look more closely at the execution and layouts. They're just wonderful, without getting in the way of the st [...]

    • I really enjoyed this book. I liked that it didn't have a crazy plot, but was just a story between these two guys. I like that it felt real, that they weren't perfect, they fought, they had sex. It was just a great story all around and I would highly recommend it!

    • This comic is so fucking lovely. I've already read it twice and own the hardcover, and I recommend this to everyone.

    • I first fell in love with TJ and Amal as a series of EK Weaver's concept sketches and warm-up comics, eagerly followed the series through its online run, and finally sighed with the mixture of satisfaction and sadness that comes from witnessing the completion of something done beautifully. I've commented on the comic's content in three separate volumes, but I held off on buying the physical comic because I was afraid a +500-page omnibus edition would never survive more than one read, so I wanted [...]

    • This is an incredibly sweet love story that is refreshing to read. Part of what makes this book so real is that the characters are so well-rounded. Both TJ and Amal have past histories, baggage, and idiosyncratic ways of looking at the world. You don't get the sense that their story just started when we first see them, but that we are seeing a piece of their lives that started before, and will continue after, we are seeing them. One of my criticisms of a lot of gay male fiction is that character [...]

    • I read it on the web first, and then got the printed omnibus. For some reason, the web version of this comic is not listed as a version of the graphic novel, so I can't just change my review for the webcomic to this edition. Instead, I'll just link to that review. Things that differ from the web version is one or two chapter end sketches -- especially the cute laundromat scene, of which most is missing here, and (for obvious reasons) the one animated page which is just a couple of plain panels h [...]

    • Comencé a leer el cómic cuando E.K. publicaba el cómic en línea y rápidamente se convirtió en uno de mis favoritos. Esperaba las actualizaciones con ánimos. Cuando terminó, como debió hacerlo, quedó en mi top 10 de cómics y novelas gráficas. Hace un par de semanas compré esta edición completa. Es hermosa. Releí la historia esa misma tarde y, desde entonces, no he parado de hojearla para releer sin parar mis momentos favoritos.

    • The character writing (dialogue, expressions, body language, etc.) is phenomenal in Weaver's work. This is a re-read since the comic finished online and the omnibus came out, and with the 2 year gap the comic still is amazing. Pay attention to background details and it becomes an even richer story.

    • I have to say it was excellent. It felt like an actual organic growth of a relationship and was just thirsty enough. I liked the dialogue, the backgrounds of the characters, and the art is really quite good. I'm awfully used to consuming bad media because I'm desperate for gay characters, so it's really great to come across a piece that succeeds both in terms of story and art.

    • Loved this book and I can't wait to recommend it to all my friends. It made me laugh out loud in parts, cringe in others and ultimately cry at the end. First time reading E.K. Weaver and I know it won't be me last!

    • This is a beautiful volume. It includes all the pages of the webcomic, the adorable in-between vignettes (save for one that is cut short) and new, beautiful color spreads of the sceneries they gaze at during ther journey. I want to read more of TJ & Amal! They're wonderful.

    • There aren't enough words to describe how much I enjoyed this book. Moving illustrations, simple storyline evocatively and richly explored, powerful themes. So, so good.

    • On my graphic novel shelves, this is easily the biggest volume- and there isn't a single page that could have been left out.As people have said before me, these characters feel real, and every panel adds a little to their personalities. At the same time, you get the feeling you're only seeing a small part of them; the sense of the rest of their lives outside the panel frames is always there, and it's both amazingly well done and a little alienating (TJ and Amal feel so fully formed that it becom [...]

    • This is definitely NSFW. I originally read this online as the comics came out. A friend bought the physical collection when it came out and loaned it to me. I reread it when it was published, a few panels at a time, online. I reread it in a day when I borrowed the compilation from a friend. I also created a playlist from the wonderful notes about inspirations, and it is awesome. I will reread it again shortly.The story is wonderful, and deeply sympathetic to the characters in all of their many f [...]

    • I've seen people say that they don't get graphic novels-or why the pictures or necessary, or that it feels more juvenile, etc and I would say a) that's ridiculous b) read more widely. I think this is a good example of what graphic novels can be. It's about these two young men who set off on a journey together across the US, and they both have secrets and struggles and frustrations, but it's about how this journey helps them face that and grow close to each other. The art in this is black and whi [...]

    • Over 500 pages and totally worth it.I'm probably going to read this book at least once every year. It's heart-warming, endearingly silly at times and has the best characters in the world. The art is AMAZING. Seriously, even without the super compelling main characters and the awesome story, I would have given it 5 stars just for the art alone. You can tell how hard EK Weaver's worked on the scenes. TJ/Amal is one of the best ships ever ok trust me. This book is just really special. One of my fav [...]

    • It's really hard to believe that this book is Weaver's first comic novel. The drawings are exquisite, the pacing is perfect, the dialogue is believable, and the two main characters are completely three-dimensional. It was a wonderful read. In short, TJ and Amal end up on a cross-country drive from the West Coast to Providence--and hijinks ensue. (This is also a book about adorbs gay boys and their feelings.) Highly recommended for pretty much anyone--a great mix of light and heavy, happy and sad [...]

    • I was so excited to see this on my doorstep Monday! I think I've read it twice in the time I've had it, cover-to-cover. There are just so many more details to be gleaned via reading it all in one go then via weekly updates. For example, I never noticed TJ's ear tattoo (or really, the whole shell motif) while reading the webcomic. It's such a small detail, but it adds so many layers to the story. So happy I backed this kickstarter and so happy to have this book in my home!

    • This is one of the best webcomics I've ever read. It's funny, poignant, sexy, sweet, and pretty much everything you could ask for in a less than epic road trip. It's now collected in a handy (re: needs two hands to lift) omnibus with bonus notes and scenes from out of print "Whisper Grass." The art is gorgeous (though definitely 18+ rated) and the little nods to bits of America passing by are sure to make anyone who has ever taken a cross country road trip smile.

    • I had already read the webcomic online and I adore it. It's one of my favorites (if not my actual favorite webcomic). My girlfriend bought me the omnibus book of the comic and I reread the entire thing in one night. It's so brilliant. The art is stunning and beautiful and makes me hold my breath sometimes when admiring it. The story is powerful and goofy and touching. The characters and dialogue are so very human. I highly recommend anyone read it.

    • I'm not a graphic novel kind of guy. Sure FUN HOME was a revelation. THE SANDMAN is classic. THE LESS THAN EPIC ADVENTURES OF TJ AND AMAL is delightful and new. Two characters on a more-than-metaphorical road trip talk and don't talk and see some amazing scenes together. It was beautiful and funny, both in pictures and words. I might be a graphic novel kind of guy now.

    • Just one more chapter, and then suddenly it was way past midnight, and I was looking at the back cover. I finally found the queer romance I was hoping to read: moving, funny, sometimes cute, sometimes tragic, and most of all so very real.

    • What seems like a simple tale of two dudes falling in love on a cross-country road trip reaches sublime heights in Weaver's hands. Every word, expression, and gesture have meaning (even the silly ones), carrying readers further down the road and Amal and TJ deeper into our hearts.

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