Hijinks: Episode Four

Hijinks Episode Four I ve just discovered a few secrets about this new world I m now a part of that both frightens and excites me I just woke up from one hell of a night My body was still tingling all over from the mind b

  • Title: Hijinks: Episode Four
  • Author: Nicholas Bella
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 488
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • I ve just discovered a few secrets about this new world I m now a part of that both frightens and excites me I just woke up from one hell of a night My body was still tingling all over from the mind blowing experience of what I went through Unfortunately, I didn t have time to reflect on that or even bask in it I had to attend a demonic shindig and bring an innoce I ve just discovered a few secrets about this new world I m now a part of that both frightens and excites me I just woke up from one hell of a night My body was still tingling all over from the mind blowing experience of what I went through Unfortunately, I didn t have time to reflect on that or even bask in it I had to attend a demonic shindig and bring an innocent human along with me, most likely for a human sacrifice if what Agent Smith from the Society has told me is true The problem I m having is searching for a human to bring to the slaughter A person who s done nothing wrong They don t deserve to be put in the line of danger, nor do they deserve to die How am I going to keep my cover, learn about this demon cult I m trying to infiltrate and keep innocent people from being hurt God, I m so far out of my league right now I need help, but who Warning This serial contains strong adult content not meant for sensitive eyes The novelettes in this serial will be filled with dark, twisted, raunchy and steamy scenes between powerful, sexy men that will either offend you or get ya revved up This series will not be pulling any punches, and it won t apologize for hurting your feelings, either You ll find no fluff and ruffles here These demons play hard and they fight dirty There are approximately 36600 words in this novelette.

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      About me Hmmm, I m just a person with a wild imagination and a love for words who was sitting around the house one day and said, Why hasn t anyone written a book like this before As with every storyteller, I wanted to share mine with the world I like my erotica dark, gritty, sexy and even a little raunchy I m not afraid to go there and I hope you aren t afraid to go there with me When I m not writing, I love watching movies and TV shows, clubbing, biking, and hanging out with family and friends I love life.I d love to hear from you, feel free to send me a shout out

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    • 4It's ALL about the King Stars.And, knowing WHO he is.King Adriel Sâma is a cocky wicked badass. Ooh and, he travels by fire cool is that! It seem that the King, has a BIG ego, and I love that about him. And, the direction of this book is for the King to make Brian understand that.Rafael has a small part in this book, but, his page time was awesome, and that elevator scene was HAWT!At mid-point Rafael walks off the pages and lets the King do his thing. I missed him, because honestly Rafeal is f [...]

    • I have to admit, I am enjoying this series somewhatAs I read the beginning books to catch to this book 4. I really like Brian Cordero, but I can't enjoy his sex scenes with Raphael because of how that relationship began. I wonder if the author could have achieved this sexual relationship via another avenue ((view spoiler)[without the rape. (hide spoiler)] because I think I would have enjoyed their hot as hell scenes better.Also, it's interesting watching Brian's sexual evolution as well as his g [...]

    • Overall book rating: 4Audio book: N/ABook cover: 3 StarsYes. Interesting it is. I can tell you that. Read the damn thing if you want to know more. I'm off to book 5! No time to spare!

    • OK I am not going to lieat was fucking painful.  I know I should not expect romance but uuuugggghhhhThe first half of this installment was 5 Star BrilliantI freaking love Raphael.  He is up there for me with Theoden (New Haven Series).  Just an awesome presence and wickedly hot hot hot.  While these two never got to "bring each other pleasure", they sure found a way to work the rules.  Phew. In a panic, I released Raphael’s hair and pushed him off of me, but he grabbed my wrists, snatchi [...]

    • 3.7 StarsNot as porn-worthy as the previous installment. Had a lot more exposition, too. The sex scenes were hot, but other than Adriel being so good at paddling and fucking that Brian is sort of forced into admitting that maybe he's not as straight as he though, that he likes getting The Dwell, they weren't as exciting as I thought they'd be; Nicholas went full out with the Tentacle Demon in a previous book and now I'm expecting that kind of scene. *sigh*I do like the moral ambiguity here of a [...]

    • Drop Everything BR, October 12th with Julie!!The story continues and I loved seeing Brian and Raphael getting more intimate with each other. The scene where Raphael comes to Brian's rescue was awesome!“Here I am, get a good look,” See for yourself, demon, you could never be my competition.”Oh and the elevator scene:In a panic, I released Raphael’s hair and pushed him off of me, but he grabbed my wrists, snatching them off his chest. He pinned them to the wall over my head before reclaimi [...]

    • Another enjoyable read! Could have done without the blank blank intimate interference , totally unessary ugh! Keeping in mind this is part of the growthStill an enjoyable read!

    • I feel like nothing much happened plot wise in this one, other than lots of sex. There wasn't much cop stuff this time like at all. I don't think we saw his partner at all.And for the first half, I was like 'yay, not rape for a change'.Then the second half happened lol.The Brian/Raphael big punishment scene was a bit much, but that's just my opinion. If I can find the next one on audiobook, I will continue with it.

    • Time to Fess UpHow funny it was for Brian to realize that he had no choices in his life now. He thought he was smart and street wise but didn't have a clue about the demon world. Hijinks was his schooling.

    • Hold onto your hat because Nicholas Bella has ramped episode 4 into overdrive. From the first page till the last, the story is filled with action packed drama, sexual tension, blistering sex, a lot of fuck yeah’s, and Oh My God moments.Brian struggles daily, since becoming a demon, with his humanity. Taking lives, whether they are innocent or not, is not easy for him to do. Not to mention, he is a police officer, so this goes against his moral and ethical standards, as well.Brian is still inve [...]

    • **ARC received from Author in Exchange for a honest review**Do you have read and say to yourself, I wish I could get in this authors head. Mr. Bella is one of those writers that leaves me with a wow factor. I will always consider myself lucky reading his very first book, its been such a amazing ride, one that I hope continues. Nicholas wrote about vampires and werewolves and now demons. Which this series is just as smooth and exciting as his first series. The characters are hot sexy demanding an [...]

    • Brian Struggles with His Demonic Self and His Love for Humanity; He Also Unlocks New Sexual Experiences and DesiresPowerfully seductive with unending sexual punishment and rewards for both the main character and the reading audience. I like the sexual encounters detailed within the book but I also enjoy the storyline that focuses on the ritualistic killings and Brian's progress to stop a demonic summoning from taking place. Brian Cordero, the main character, still struggles with his sexual desir [...]

    • OMG!! This episode is soooooo hot I'm surprised my kindle didn't melt! Brian is finally excepting and starting to embrace what he has become. Raphael is starting to help him understand what being an Agato involves and King Adriel and Raphael are helping him embrace his new sexuality. When some lesser demons see Brian as weak Raphael pops in showing them Brian may be weak but his mate is not!The sex is so damn hot I needed a cold shower after reading this. But warning, don't just jump in definite [...]

    • A lot happened to Brian in this episode. Brian is coming to terms pretty quickly with who/what he is now. Adriel is a huge part of Brian's journey to find his new self. I love that he is giving in to his desires for his mate Raphael. The anger Raphael felt when he found out some lesser demons were toying with his mate, Brian showed that Raphael and Brian's connection is a strong one. I think even Raphael hasn't had these feelings for anyone before Brian. Lots of hot sex as always from one of my [...]

    • Wow!Wow! Another great installment in the series. I'm not sure how Nicolas Bella comes up with this stuff, but he is a master at pulling you right in and not letting up until the last page. Hijinks was more of what I love about this series, which is the hijinks involving Brian and Raphael. Those two are so scrumptious together and now, throw in a little Adriel and you've got some in unbelievably hot and steamy sex that will have you panting and impatiently waiting for the next book. Can't wait f [...]

    • Oh mydemon party meets Raphael and now things are different. We finally see the king helping more, enters the Seers. The sex scene with the king was hot. Recorders Raphael and Brian inmates least 3 Times a week. Now I see what he us doing. This authorise good. The writing is smooth, no errors and I feel like I'm there. I can't wait to read more. I'm glad Brian is starting to see.

    • Another episode and more to discover! I really love watching Brian grow and I often wonder if we’ll get to an episode where we will see him embrace his true demon form. Each episode we see him grow and it’s something else. This series is like watching a show on Starz or something. I’m really enjoying it!

    • So freaking hot!And Nicholas Bella did it again! This series is getting hotter and sexier with every single installment! I really can't get enough of Brian, Raphael and now Adriel! I don't expect anything by now within this great story but with raising the heat Level with each book I am a little afraid now what will happen next and with what Nicholas will surprise us next with!

    • I would say my least favorite of the four so far. But it is still quiet good. One should not read a book geared towards sex and then complain about the amount of sex, but that is precisely what I am doing. He has a fantastic story and I am not sure the sex needs to be well over 45% of the 100 pages. I still stay its worth a read.

    • Yeowsa! What a Scorcher of a Book!!!This book was totally HOT!! I loved the storyline. I loved the interaction between Brian and Raphael. *sigh* Once again I anxiously await the next book.

    • I love this series.Keep you on your toes kind of series. I love Brian's personality, his conflicting sexuality. I love the men and women in his life. I can wait for more books. Ill be crushed if it doesn't continue.

    • 3.5 stars Fun story that is PWP. I wish there was more plot here, because the author has great ideas. But they are used as merely a candy wrapper for the sex. I liked it anyway, and will read the series.

    • Book four and I am totally hooked .Seeing how Brian is growing into his " demon skin " seeing how he and Raphael and Adriel fit together and the humour and the hijinks the next thing to do is listen to the audio !Michael O'Shea does an awesome job.Written as Pat Jay

    • Well this one was full of interesting information. I am really curious what's going to happen with the Society and what's going to happen next.

    • AwakeningThe bridge is crossed from fearing, wanting and needing. Learning ones true self is a revelation in itself. The adventure continues.

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