Threat Let the games begin Leah Parker I m about to make your summer very interesting David f king Banducci How do I hate thee Let me count the ways He was the biggest thorn in my side when we were young Ba

  • Title: Threat
  • Author: Elena Ash
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 462
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Let the games begin, Leah Parker I m about to make your summer very interesting David f king Banducci How do I hate thee Let me count the ways He was the biggest thorn in my side when we were young Back then, he was tall, hot and dangerous hell, he still is so, actually, plus an arm full of tatts He used his popularity and charming, cocky smile for evil H Let the games begin, Leah Parker I m about to make your summer very interesting David f king Banducci How do I hate thee Let me count the ways He was the biggest thorn in my side when we were young Back then, he was tall, hot and dangerous hell, he still is so, actually, plus an arm full of tatts He used his popularity and charming, cocky smile for evil He never missed a single chance to tease me, torment me, or make my life miserable Worst of all, I never knew why he targeted me to begin with You d think time would heal all wounds, but whoever said that was a lying sack of sh t Because I m an adult now, so I should be over it, right Well that s kind of hard now that my absentminded father is married to his stripper mother Thanks, Dad Now I m stuck on the back of his motorcycle, clinging to his muscular form for dear life as we trek across the country to my dad s lakehouse And worse yet, he s found new ways to torture me Ways that send chills down my spine Ways I just might not be able to resist And all I wanted was a nice, quiet summer to myself THREAT is a sexy, full length, standalone romance with a HEAif you can handle him first.

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    • Elena Ash

      Elena Ash Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Threat book, this is one of the most wanted Elena Ash author readers around the world.

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    • Me recomendaram o livro e fui ler sem nem ter lido a sinopse foi bom, porque tenho fugido de livros com tema de stepbrother, acho que as autoras todas resolveram escrever sobre o mesmo assunto. Fiquei positivamente surpresa e acabei gostando muito da história.A autora escreve bem e acabou me cativando. Vou ficar de olho no trabalho desta autora. Recomendo!----------------------------Someone recommended me this book and I went to read without having read the blurb it was nice, because I avoid b [...]

    • This is seriously the BEST step-brother romance I have ever read. Less titillating and more deeply romantic than any I have read before. It was so sweet and sad and yes, definitely off the charts sexy. David, aka Threat, has not had an easy life. He's got a manipulative dirtbag for a father and a mother has never been quite what she seems, but never quite there for him either. Leah also hasn't exactly lived a charmed life either. While her father is finally making it in the entertainment field a [...]

    • I received an ARC copy for an honest review! I love a good stepbrother romance and this one did not disappoint. Threat is Leah's childhood bully and she is not happy to learn that her father married his mother. I love the interactions between the two, it starts off as a hate/hate relationship but the more time they spend together the more the two develop feelings for one another. I loved the chemistry between our H and h. I loved how Threat grew and became a better person to prove to Leah that h [...]

    • 3.5 Sexy Stepbrother Stars!!Some parts were ridiculous but for the most part, this was a light, fun and sexy read. I enjoyed it and read it all in one sitting. Threat yeah, the name sounds kinda silly, but regardless, he's a bad boy asshole who was steamy sexy. Can't help but love him just a little ok, a lot. :P

    • 2.5 stars. This had the opportunity to be a good book. But holy crap, the errors in this book made it nearly impossible to finish. I would have to put it down for days at a time to get through the grammatical errors. Like peer, instead of pier, when you are talking about a long dock that goes into the water. Anywhere was spelled as two separate words. There were so many more, I eventually lost count. Also, referring to a girl's nether regions as a "cave" freaked me out. lol Never in my life have [...]

    • Can deception and anger fill the void of love? One has a background of privilege and the other struggled. Will a new beginning be possible? Or will their younger years be too tainted to see a future.

    • Great read.I really enjoyed this book , its easy to get into and a great read. But my only complaint would be that Leah is annoying and a bit of a bitch . I loved Threat a lot ,so he made my mind up that I'd keep reading it and I'm glad I did .

    • Threat was not what I was expecting. I was expecting your typical step brother romance, but what I got instead was something unique. I found many things I liked about this story, but I also found a couple of things that I couldn’t get past. This book does have a lot of heat though, so if you like some steamy scenes, this book is for you.Threat is a story about Leah. She is an only child being raised by a single father after her mother abandoned them when she was young. Her father is known to m [...]

    • OMG!!! What a hot, sexy read!!! I will admit this is my first stepbrother romance. I know there have been mixed reviews on them. However, I will admit my Kindle is loaded up with them. I have to say I am ecstatic that I chose Threat to take my stepbrother V card away! Lordy, that boy is HOT!Our heroine, Leah, is a shy, intelligent girl who has busted her butt to be accepted into Stanford. She’s hoping to leave her past behind. Middle school and high school were not kind to her thanks to bully, [...]

    • I’m an avid reader. For any particular reason, this is the first stepbrother romance I had the pleasure to read.Maybe the word “stepbrother” is the reason for my hesitation. However, Elena Ash did a wonderful job.David Banducci, aka Threat is Leah’s childhood nightmare. He’s the one she wants to forget and be far, far away.Destiny had different plans and joined them. Now he’s her stepbrother!Threat sees Leah as a spoiled little brat and he won't waste an opportunity to ruin her life, [...]

    • I said yes to this novel right away! With a fast pace, snappy dialogue and dynamic scenes, this story has been highly addictive to me. Admittedly, the male character is hard to like at first and the female character may seem to yield too easily to his bullying tactics, but all the banter, teasing and nagging result in very entertaining scenes. The dialogues are a lot of fun and the whole story is so engaging. Can you imagine a bet that consists of a man daring a young woman into doing naughty th [...]

    • *I received a copy in exchange for an honest review*I have never read a book by Elena Ash but considering that it is a stepbrother romance, I knew that it was going to be something that I would enjoy reading. I am after all a big fan of stepbrother romances. “Threat” and Leah did not disappoint, the sexual innuendo , heated arguments along with scorching sex was entertaining and arousing. I loved every minute of it!David Banducci also known as Threat is a man who has been in trouble most of [...]

    • I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Leah is a bookworm and an introvert, who planned on having a nice, quiet, uneventful summer. But things don't always go as you planned, and life reminds Leah of this when her father marries a stripper, who happens to be the mother of her worst enemy from school, David. The very one that made her life hell. Small world, huh?As if it isn't bad enough to have David waltz back into her life again, AND as her new step-brother, the two are then force [...]

    • I received an ARC in exchange for an honest reviewGreat read!! Twisted, damaged, well written, and a all around great read. David "Threat" Banducci is a real piece of work. He works hard to live up to the name and has a body that he has honed too. He hasn't had it easy with a stripper Mom and an absent Dad who didn't acknowledge him until he could start paying out in his tattoo shop. Now his Mom has run off and married some rich comedian who is the Father to the girl he used to tease in school, [...]

    • I'm not sure if I should rate this 3 or 4.Cos although the book starts off fine and is interesting up to 3/4th way, it goes somewhat downhill from there.Leah kinda turns into this whiny smwhat biyatchy and slightly moronic person.Its hard to understand why she couldnt make any friends in Stanford - just cos she is straight and a bit uptight? Why is it that, in any college in a YA novel except for the heroine and may be one or 2 of her nerdy friends, everyone else are playing cliched roles like E [...]

    • I have to say that this book was really good and it held my attention from beginning to end. The chemistry that these two characters have is freaking fabulous. I mean one minute that are at each other’s throats ready to kill one another and then then next minute that want to rip each other’s clothes off.I now have a soft stop for Threat, I mean his whole life to me was a lie. Once he talked to his fatherI just wanted to jump in my kindle and take care of him. OMG then towards the end of the [...]

    • What a great stepbrother story- Leah doesn’t know that her dad’s new wife’s son is her childhood bully. When she finds out , she is shocked but even more so when she learns she has to share the home with him while their parents are off honeymooning. Leah doesn’t know how to take David who now goes by Threat and oh boy is he- a tall, and handsome threat to her sanity. I found Leah to be a bookworm, a lot into books and sort of an introvert while David is an extrovert. The story really get [...]

    • ARC received for an honest review.This was a good read for this genre.I received my ARC prior to editing there were a couple of minor glitches nothing too major that spoilt my reading of the book.This is a step sibling romance which is is reasonable for this genre no huge plot difference , however I did find the minor charatures input in this book to be interesting to read about.Not everyone in this world is nice, sometimes people who care about you shield you from harsh realities and that maybe [...]

    • "Let the games begin"--too bad Leah doesn't know she's playingThis book is sexy and enjoyable--lots of heat between dirty-talking Threat and Leah.I’m sure Threat’s dad didn’t expect his nasty little bet to actually end up pushing his son and Leah closer together. In the end, what matters more to Threat—loving Leah or owning the tattoo shop?There are some bumps, but she gets the important stuff right--good writing, interesting characters and sexy, sexy love scenes.The name the stepbrother [...]

    • Sexy Steamy Threat! I loved this Stepbrother romance! How the two main characters David and Leah had known eachother since middle school! They each had their own painful story with Leah's mom leaving her at a young age and David's Mom and Dad not really being there. The chemistry between Leah and David is just Sizzling!! David is Smoking hot with plenty of Sex appeal and lots of Ink! Leah is one of those that doesn't realize how Beautiful she is! Their Road trip was funny, Steamy, and I cried du [...]

    • Wow! This is my first book by Elena Ash and all I can say is WOW! I will definitely be putting her on my favorite author list. This book is so complex in the writing it was impressive. You can really relate to Leah Parker. Tortured through her school years by David Banducci - now called Threat. With a cruel twist of fate he becomes her step-brother. Her absent minded father married his stripper mom. Ohhhhh did I hate him for the first part of the book! but you get to like who he has become and e [...]

    • Hot hot hot stepbrother romance!I got this ARC fir an honest review and it was perfection!Leah, the introvert bookworm is faced with a new challenge, her dad has remarried and she has a new family, which includes a big stepbrother.What she doesn't expect is for him to be her worst enemy, he has come back to torture her all the way from her High school nightmare, and he is hotter that she remembered.He has a lot of hate saved for little leah, she was a brat in school and probably still is, so the [...]

    • This is a very well written stepbrother romance and I loved reading this! David, now known as Threat, tormented Leah all through school and she cannot stand him. Their parents get married and now he's her stepbrother. Their relationship is complicated to say the least and they end up going on a road trip where perspectives are challenged and secrets are revealed changing everything for both of them. I loved the intense chemistry between these two and I couldn't get enough. My only disappointment [...]

    • Only small problem I had is the missing words/ wrong words in some places. Other than that this was a excellent romance. I feel for Leah for, she was torment in school by a bully calling her names an lasted until high school. Her tormentor is David but now goes by Threat and his is your typical bad boy tattoo artist with a dead beat for a father and a 'working girl' of a mother. In the beginning Leah's father tells her he is married but also has a new stepbrother at the same time, is a big shock [...]

    • Can a bookworm perfectionist and an inked bad boy make it work together?Leah is shocked when her father marries a woman, who turns out to be the mom of the boy who bullied her throughout school. Even as their relationship develops, you know that news of Threat's bet with his dad to bring Leah out of her shell will be revealed and throw up roadblocks to their relationship. They each have painful issues in their past that they need to let go in order to be able to move forward together. I loved Th [...]

    • I have to say I found this book quite enjoyable. It was a pretty easy read but there were times I found myself laughing out loud. The two main characters are Leah, a nerdy book worm with very little self esteem, and her childhood tormentor Threat (aka David), who is the troubled bad boy. They end up becoming step siblings and that's when all the fun begins. I found the game they played during the trip to be quite entertaining. There was also a bit of a twist at the end. I would recommend this bo [...]

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