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Camp So and So The letters went out in mid February Each letter invited its recipient to spend a week at Camp So and So a lakeside retreat for girls nestled high in the Starveling Mountains Each letter came with a

  • Title: Camp So-and-So
  • Author: MaryMcCoy
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  • Page: 263
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The letters went out in mid February Each letter invited its recipient to spend a week at Camp So and So, a lakeside retreat for girls nestled high in the Starveling Mountains Each letter came with a glossy brochure with photographs of young women climbing rocks, performing Shakespearean theatre under the stars, and spiking volleyballs Each letter was signed in ink by tThe letters went out in mid February Each letter invited its recipient to spend a week at Camp So and So, a lakeside retreat for girls nestled high in the Starveling Mountains Each letter came with a glossy brochure with photographs of young women climbing rocks, performing Shakespearean theatre under the stars, and spiking volleyballs Each letter was signed in ink by the famed and reclusive businessman and philanthropist, Inge F Yancey IV.By the end of the month, twenty five applications had been completed, signed, and mailed to a post office box in an obscure Appalachian town.Had any of these girls tried to follow the directions in the brochure and visit the camp for themselves on that day in February, they would have discovered that there was no such town and no such mountain and that no one within a fifty mile radius had ever heard of Camp So and So.

    Camp So and So McCoy, Mar https Camp So So Mary McCoy dp Camp So and So boasts all of the Camp So and So by Mary McCoy https book show camp so and so Each letter invited its recipient to spend a week at Camp So and So Camp So And So Mary McCoymary mccoy camp soandso One very dangerous summer camp Cabin must face off against their ultimate rivals, the posh campers across the lake who may be than they seem Cabin is being Best Secluded Campgrounds Near Buffalohttps onlyinyourstate new york buffalo secluded campgrounds Jun , The kiddos will love a visit with the adorable donkeys, llamas, and other sorts of exciting animals The camp also has its own beach, playground, pavilions, and a mini golf course There s so

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      Mary McCoy is a librarian at the Los Angeles Public Library She has also been a contributor to On Bunker Hill and the 1947project, where she wrote stories about Los Angeles s notorious past She grew up in western Pennsylvania and studied at Rhodes College and the University of Wisconsin Mary now lives in Los Angeles with her family.

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    • I will be forever slightly stranger for having witnessed this story. That's a five star service, in my book.

    • At first I was really disoriented by CAMP SO-AND-SO (as, I’m sure, were all the campers I was reading about). It’s a very non-traditional story told from multiple viewpoints in third person omniscient that tells multiple stories that are otherwise connected, but functioning independently from each other. It’s very strange but I adored the voice so I pushed through and I’m so glad I did.What a fantastic story. Every time I’m surprised by a Carolrhoda Lab book and I shouldn’t be becaus [...]

    • "This quest is not a summer's game.It is not safe, it is not tame. Consider this before you pack - Some of you may not come back."This was a fascinating and interesting story with the love for summer camp, quests and villains, but also the fun fantasy magic and horror. There were so many twists and turns, I was glad it was broken into acts. And even though the cast was huge (5 cabins with 5 each + counselors, counselors in training and many others) - it was easy to keep track of the because each [...]

    • Very "Cabin in the Woods," if you like that sort of thing. The premise caught my attention, but the cover copy didn't really match what the story wound up being. Normally, that doesn't bother me, but it's a stylistically intense book. I liked DEAD LIKE ME by Mary McCoy quite a bit. I just wish I'd liked this one more than I did. I'll still look for books by McCoy though.

    • This book is so deliciously weird and interesting. Cabin in the Woods + Midsummer Night's Dream + sleep-away camp independence + a distinct cast of interesting characters all carefully layered into an interesting weave with metacognitive storytelling. Stranger things have been published, but they are rarely this satisfying.

    • I wasn't sure what to expect when I picked up this book, but the description rather intrigued me. And the book certainly didn't disappoint in that regard. The plotting here is masterful as the author tells the story through the eyes of an unknown narrator (unknown until the end that is) with plenty of side comments from said narrator that leave you wondering exactly who this person (?) is. And that doesn't even count the five other story lines, one for each cabin of girls at the camp, each of wh [...]

    • This was a totally expected book for me. I picked it up because how can you not want to read it after that summary??- I loved how each of the five cabins got their own mini adventure and they all came together in the end. It made the story SO much more fun and each story had pieces to the final puzzle in them. Each story was very different from the other but since they were all set at this same camp they all fit together perfectly. It was a lot of fun to read.- There was also a spooky sounding n [...]

    • I'm really torn between a 3 and a 4, so I'd give this one a 3.5 and round it up to a 4. I really enjoyed the camp setting, the mystery of 5 cabins and their various campers and counselors. What I really wasn't expecting was the paranormal aspects of this book. But I really like it a lot and I loved that I was kept wondering what was really going on. I think the author did a really good job of creating something unique.

    • An absolutely delightful adventure full of magic, mystery and mayhem. Being a prior stage manager I loved the way the story was set up and written, the characters and, of course, the stage manager rules. This would be a great book for any HS book club. There's a great deal to discuss.

    • I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this book - it was odd, and I'm not sure to whom I should recommend it, but it was a lot of fun, and very creative. It's definitely YA, with some darkness (and some literary references), so for all that it's about a summer camp, I'd keep it teens and up.

    • This was a straaaaange little book. It certainly kept me intrigued. I would be interested to meet the student who would put in the work to track with this book through the end. Glad I picked it up, but I don't think I'll be adding t mo my classroom bookshelf.

    • 25 girls are selected to attend Camp So-and-So, but if any of them had done their research, they'd know that something is very, very strange about their camp. Cabin 1 is trying to overcome their differences so that they can beat the neighboring fancy-pants camp in a series of classic camp competitions.The girls of Cabin 2 have found themselves in a blood-drenched nightmare, recalling classic horror tropes.The girls of Cabin 3 discovered a prophetic-sounding inscription in their cabin. They're on [...]

    • CAMP SO-AND-SO by Mary McCoyI am ecstatic that I bought this book, because I found it totally enrapturing. It's sort of Appalachian rural fantasy plus Fae plus twists and turns that try the most intellectuallt brilliant reader, scares and dangers that awaken even the most jaded reader, and the coming-of-age of a sizable number of characters. There is brainwashing and personality separation, warmth and affection (possibly even love), friendship and tension and fear. In short, the novel has about [...]

    • I requested this book from Netgalley out of pure curiosity. I love camping and, my God, I wish I'd been to summer camps as a kid. As such, I didn't have high expectations for this book. I figured it'd be a two star, at best (because I'm a horrible person who judges books by their cover and I don't like this cover). As soon as I begin reading, though, I realised my expectations are going to be challenged. Camp So-and-So is told through a series of 'acts', like a play, and the narrator butts in to [...]

    • This was interesting and certainly kept me reading! I guess I feel like I maybe needed a little more at the end to tie it all together and explain the camp a little more. (view spoiler)[Who was the director who resigned? Was she human? Were the counselors? (hide spoiler)]But nicely different from any YA I've read in a while.

    • This novel was a very entertaining and quirky blend of horror, thriller, with a smattering of the supernatural thrown in. Probably aimed at children, girls most likely, of the ages 12+ it played around with the standard horror film setting of teens on a remote summer camp, with something nasty going to happen…. However, although the author I’m guessing was probably a horror film buff she has come up with an original and clever tale which should entertain younger teens. The camp is full of yo [...]

    • I was drawn to this book because of its Agatha Christie-like premise (think And Then There Were None meets summer camp) and the hope that it would be a somewhat modernized version of her famous mystery, but this is not that, and this novel is unlike anything I've ever read. Everything about this story captured my attention and imagination -- the bizarre plot(s), the unconventional structure, the mystery narrator, and the fierce, brilliant, young female characters I completely fell in love with ( [...]

    • 25 girls enter Camp So-and-So, where they're divided into cabins and sent into their own storylines. One must compete against preppy snobs in the All Camp Sport and Follies. One finds they're being chased by a killer. One discovers a quest they must complete. One meets their soul mates. And one must simply fight to survive. But are these individual stories part of a larger scheme, more twisted than any of them can imagine?Rambling, unfocused, and so stylistically-overdone, this book was such a c [...]

    • The letters went out in mid-February. Each letter invited its recipient to spend a week at Camp So-and-So, a lakeside retreat for girls nestled high in the Starveling Mountains. Each letter came with a glossy brochure with photographs of young women climbing rocks, performing Shakespearean theatre under the stars, and spiking volleyballs. Each letter was signed in ink by the famed and reclusive businessman and philanthropist, Inge F. Yancey IV.By the end of the month, twenty-five applications ha [...]

    • 4 stars. Still not sure what I just read, but I liked it! Camp So-and-So is a summer camp for 25 campers divided up into 5 cabins. Each cabin has 5 campers. They attend by invitation only. From the Prologue: "The letters went out in mid-February, when the weather had been so cold and so gray, and everything had been so buried in snow for so long, and the idea of riding a horse or rowing across a lake seemed so impossible, the brochures might as well have been promising magic. There were 25 lette [...]

    • Make new friends, but keep the rest.Old friends know just how to hurt you best.I had many questions while reading this book, only one of those questions was answered by the end of the story. And that’s a problem for me. With some genre like philosophy or science fiction, I can tolerate not having may questions answered because it all depends on how you interpret things. But this fantasy Young Adult, so, it’s more appreciated to have an ending that clear the confusion and the mystery. I don [...]

    • Looking for a weird, wild, campy story that’s reminiscent of A Midsummer Night’s Dream? Then Camp So-and-So might be for you. Picture 25 diverse girls receiving a special invitation (and scholarship) to attend an exclusive summer camp in the Appalachian Mountains--yet if any girl had taken the time to research the camp beyond its glossy brochure they would have found it didn’t exist.Readers learn pretty quickly that this is no ordinary tale as the book has acts and cabins instead of chapte [...]

    • Camp So-and-So combines the most potent portions of Cabin in the Woods (2011) and Beauty Queens. We are left with a patchwork of characters that have unique personalities, an eerie premise, and just enough humor to lighten the mood when needed.Within the first few pages, I was hooked. Readers follow five different cabins and, thus, five different stories that each seem to stem from a different genre such as romance, fantasy, or horror. As the paths of the girls begin to cross they discover more [...]

    • I struggled with deciding if this book merited three or four stars. I ended up going with four stars because everything came together so well in the end.Initially I wasn't sure what to think of this book. On the surface, this book has a lot of things that I love, but I just couldn't get into it. The macabre undertones and air of mystery intrigued me, but I felt like it may have started a little too disjointed for me. (In "Camp So-and-So"s defense, that may have been due in part to the reading co [...]

    • The best word to describe this book? I'd have to say interesting. I didn't know too much about it going in, but it had me intrigued. Then, I had so many questions I couldn't stop reading it, so I suppose it was definitely a page-turner. Camp So-and-So is a good mix of mystery and fantasy. I came for the mystery and got a way bigger dose of fantasy than I'd anticipated. Like I said, this didn't make it bad, just interesting.My biggest problem with this book is the sheer number of characters. 25 g [...]

    • Summed up: Magic and mayhem ensues as five cabins of campers fight for their lives in a series of paranormal events. Controlled by nefarious puppetmasters, they must out-smart the evil overlords in order to survive. Very “out of the frying pan into the fire.”What worked: This book is nothing if not imaginative! It reads like a play, complete with a mysterious all-omniscient narrator, opening scene descriptions and theatrical actors. I’ve never read anything like this, so hats off to the au [...]

    • This is a weird and wonderful book.It ostentatiously tells the story of a group of girls who are mailed invitations to attend a summer camp, and who accept these invitations, ready to head off to what they assume will be a week full of smores, songs and sleeping under the stars.But this story goes places they, and you,will never see coming.The mysterious narrator had me guessing from the start, as did the unique structure of the book, set up as if it was being run as a play (though the chapters [...]

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