Roommates Life is full of expectations For Brady Coldwell it s always been about the game Hockey is and always will be his life His family sacrificed everything to get him here and he won t let them down He kn

  • Title: Roommates
  • Author: Erin Leigh Tara Brown
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 187
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Life is full of expectations For Brady Coldwell it s always been about the game Hockey is and always will be, his life His family sacrificed everything to get him here and he won t let them down He knows what s expected of him Natalie Banks is no different She too knows what it means to have everyone sacrifice for you She knows about the debt that s left owing in thLife is full of expectations For Brady Coldwell it s always been about the game Hockey is and always will be, his life His family sacrificed everything to get him here and he won t let them down He knows what s expected of him Natalie Banks is no different She too knows what it means to have everyone sacrifice for you She knows about the debt that s left owing in the end and the price you pay for making up your own mind But when an innocent mistake lands them as roommates, neither of them is prepared for the feelings they have or the consequences of their actions How do you negotiate matters of the heart How do you say no when it simply feels so right

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    • Erin Leigh Tara Brown

      Erin Leigh is the romantic, safe side of the dark mind in international bestselling author Tara Brown.Erin is a hot fudge sundae and warm blanket on movie night sort of girl.She likes horses and thinks she should have some, but hates the smell of horse poo.In fact, she imagines having a small farm would be a lot of work.She likes gentlemen and courtesy and old traditions.She likes to see characters grow and become something worthy of the person they love.She wants to be a writer like Jane Austen and Henry James.She wants to write pretty prose and lure you down the path covered in rose petals.But she can t.Because at the end of the path is Tara Brown, who doesn t like rose petals or easy love.Down that path the wind picks up and the petals blow away and the forest gets eerie.As a result, this is not ever going to be your grandma s romance.It s the best Tara Brown could do with what she has, a dark heart.

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    • Reader Enjoyment Warning: male MC has explicitsex scenes with other women after he meets female MC and even after he develops feelings for her. Why in the ever-loving hell of all hells do authors do this f'd up shit to readers?!? Why? Just why? Nat The book starts out with good girl Nat being a sheltered only child wanting to spread her wings in a new "adult" apartment, only to find out her sneaky friend lied to her about the gender of her new roommate. Nat is cute, funny, innocent, and sweet. F [...]

    • 3.5 StarsRoommates is the lighthearted story of two unlikely people finding a way to live together and not only make it work, but thrive because of it.Nat's the girl who's spent her life doing exactly what she should. Right schools, right boyfriend, rich and famous on a Kardashian level best friend. Brody, or "BJ" (yes, that nickname is meant to conjure dirty things) has spent his life working towards his one and only goal, the NHL. He doesn't do relationships and his famous sex move is the "Cli [...]

    • ✱3 STARS!✱☾I am such a sucker for a good friends/roommates/lovers story. So naturally I was super excited to read this once I found the book. Brady and Natalie's story was very typical, that's not a bad thing but I think it was missing something to make the book stand out.☾I really enjoyed going through Natalie's journey with her. Especially because I can relate with the parents aspect of her story. When she moves to New York and moves in with Brady, I felt like a proud mom. I'm not a mo [...]

    • DNF - I am not telling you not to read it. This is just my opinion.This did not work for me and I loved the premise. The hero thinks he is moving in with a guy named, Nate, and the heroine thinks she is moving in with a girl named, BJ. However, Nate is actually a girl and BJ is actually a professional hockey player named, Brady. Dual POVs. The writing just did not work for me. I can't put my finger on it. I am not sure if it was because there was a frequent switch in POVs or something else. By t [...]

    • Cute room mates romance, nicely paced with a good build up and some feels at the beginning. For me it tapered off a bit and didn't quite deliver on its early promise or it would've been a more satisfying read. I was expecting a build up to something but it kind of began to peter out at about 60% and limped to the finish. I also struggled with some of the dialogue, confusing who was saying what. I'm not sure whether it was the formatting style, the writing or just me, but I had to stop and re-rea [...]

    • 3.75 StarsIt's been a few days since I finished this book, and have since read 3.5 other books, and it still on my mind. For me, that is the equivalent of a glowing review. This wasn't the deepest of topics nor did I learn something insightful, but it was great entertainment, and that for the most part is why I read. well done Tara Brown!!

    • 11/04/2015EnjoyableThe hockey theme snagged me. I really liked most of it. The whole Clinton thing was just gross and overdone. I'll read others by this author. 3 stars.

    • Natalie thinks that she is finally getting out of her parents house and getting set up with a perfect roommate by her best friend. Supposedly a female roommate named BJ. She is completely surprise to find out BJ is in fact a male named Brady, a hockey player. Brady is equally surprised thinking he was getting a male roommate named Nate. This was a good book, cute story line/concept. It had a lot of funny parts - the funniest being their nicknames for each other, BJ and Nate Dog. Also Nat kicking [...]

    • So I clearly have a weak point for hockey players but turns out I also seem to like room mate novels well at least when they this well written, funny and super cute.I kept giggling while reading this. YEP, you read right. GIGGLING! I know, right. Good thing it's Sunday and I wasn't reading in public. My whole badass rep would be ruined for good. This was the perfect cute & fluffy. The right amount of sizzling, smut and gooey- left me warm and fuzzy.The only thing that went on my nerves- the [...]

    • Way too much of a man-slut. I can deal if it was before the characters meet, even deal with it being mentioned that he is still doing things. But for the love of God, please authors, don't describe sexual encounters that don't involve the main characters. Oh, and this guy was off the slut meter even for romance-book man-whores.

    • A very unputdownable read with a well-written relationship build up, really cute as hell couple and LOL moments. Need I say more?

    • Fluff alert! I love a good fluffy new adult read. That is exactly what this book is. There isn’t a ton of conflict, or outside forces into play here. Just a lot of angst and sexual tension, wrapped up into one of my favorite tropes. Unsuspecting roommates!This book follows our two protagonists as they navigate their new living situation. After being “set-up” by both of their best friends, to be roommates. They decide to make the best of a bad situation and become friends. Natalie is shelte [...]

    • 3.5 stars!! This was a cute feel good read, not a lot of angst, a tad predictable but an easy page turner that just left you smiling from ear to ear. Brady was a promising Hockey player and Natalie was finally getting out from under her parents wings and breaking out into the work force on her own away from home. Friends had set up their accommodation for them and with Brady's nickname being BJ and a slight slip of some conniving fingers Nat became Nate and these roommates thought they were shar [...]

    • I wanted to like this. I really did. But, NO. I'm surprised I even finished this book. "BJ" is a dickwad and Natalie is a TSTL pushover who takes what she can get from a dude who sleeps with other hockey groupies who throw themselves at him. He just takes them where he can get 'em - even with old, married women, even AFTER he meets and starts having feelings for the MC. Gross. And there are EXPLICIT, detailed, long-ass scenes re: his sexual encounters. more detailed scenes with him and the other [...]

    • This was not what I expected, but so much better! I loved it! Yes, Brady was a manwhore and a dawg, but he was so loveable and when he realized he had feelings for Natalie, he immediately stopped whoring it up. He was a one woman man and I loved it. I also loved that once they were together, there was some drama, but not any break up drama where they had to find their way back to each other. It was awesome. Lots of LOL moments too. I really hope the author has books planned for Sami and some of [...]

    • There were so many things off about this book. It wasn't bad, really, but it definitely wasn't good. 1. SO. MUCH. SLUT-SHAMING. All of the girls who like sex in this book are sluts and whores. To be fair, Brady is called a slut too, but why can't everyone just like sex? Why do they have to be sluts?2. Transphobia and homophobia. This was perplexing to me, because there's a point in the book where the characters are discussing whether someone is gay and one of the minor characters says "not to br [...]

    • **To top off the perfect body great hair thing, his face is like a Michelangelo. He’s a god.Yup, he’s too hot to be a roommate.That's exactly what Natalie thought when she seen that her roommate wasn't some butch girl who played Hockey, but a superstar hockey player that was hot as h*ll. It made her uncomfortable, she hasn't had that much experience with guys, only having had the one serious boyfriend, and being in her 20s and just now being away from home. Brady thought he was rooming with [...]

    • I have to start this review by saying Brady is a pig. I loathe books where the H has explicit relations with other women in the book. Brady did. I hate players. Brady was. I hate books where the H thinks sex thoughts about other women. Brady did. Having said this, I really liked this book. Brady and Nat met by chance, well if you consider chance your 2 best friends secretly putting you together. Nat is coming off of a bad relationship, so she has major trust issues. Brady is Mr. Hockey. All wome [...]

    • İt was a light read about a hockey player and a digital artist:) they end up in an apartment as roommates. İn the first chapters NAtalie has a boyfriend who studies law. He is rich and nat's mom wants her to end up with him. Nat loves him (thinks she loves him) like 6 years but they're together for 3 years. They broke up then make up about every few months. He cheats her like 1000 times but it doesnt count because they're broke up. She leaves him then start immediatley with her roommate. Brady [...]

    • Not my cuppa. Just nope. If I never hear/read "Clintoned" again it would be too soon. It's not funny or endearing it's middle school locker room humor that falls flat and makes me want to gag. This is supposedly supposed to be a romance, but it's just kind of a gross telling of how a dirty manwhore finds his "bland toast". Little romance, with very little sexy if any in my opinion. Could have done without most of Brady's stories of past and present conquest. I need a brain scrub and a bath. I ke [...]

    • I enjoyed this at the start, but I lost interest around 65%. I usually love the friends to lovers trope, but this was kind of all over the place and badly needed to be reined in. I didn't get why Sami had to be rich and famous - it added nothing to the story. Nat's mother judged and dictated to her. Nat judged Brady. Everyone judged the puck bunnies. I liked Brady the best of all the characters, but generally they weren't a very nice bunch of people. The sex scenes lacked chemistry and fell flat [...]

    • Sweet and Super Funny! This book was funny and sweet, and had the perfect ending. Spoiler alert!!! I kept waiting for the formulaic break up at around 70% (when everything seems to be going well, and a stupid misunderstanding breaks them up only to have them get back together at 99%). But it never happened! It was a refreshing, sweet, really funny read and I HIGHLY recommend this book!

    • Brady isn't one for pretty words, but he's for hot, panty melting ones, "he shoves me back into the room playfully. “You wanna eff?” He laughs and nods. “I have been wanting to eff you from the moment I met you.” He drags his shirt off, grabbing my sweater and pulling it off." Brady he was entertaining, “I was drying humping you in my sleep, and I woke up and—yeah.” I liked this book the characters were lovable.

    • Love this standalone! It's light, funny, sweet, sexy, no big drama. And it gives a break from the complications.

    • Sorry. Can't do this. Sexism and stupidity annoy me. So many cringes in so little time. Let's talk about gender roles, shall we?DNF @ 19%THREE REASON WHY THIS BOOK MADE ME DNFReason Number One: Gender Role Serotypes. *gags* Oh this book was stuffed with them. Super manly-he man with cave man qualities and must (excuse the medical terminology) copulate with anything that breathes. Usually this wouldn’t bother me so much. But it went hand in hand with the female gender role: super flimsy main gi [...]

    • Over the Christmas period I decided to renew my Kindle Unlimited membership and stumbled across the author Erin Leigh in the New Year. I hadn't read any of her work before and the synopsis of Roommates sounded fun and quirky, so I decided to give it a go.Roommates is one of those books which I instantly connected with. I love books set around Ice Hockey, I like hot athletes and add to that some romance and fun characters, well what's not to like?The book starts off with an honest mistake, to peo [...]

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