Sestra Prvotina J chyma Topola pat k nejp ekl dan j m polistopadov m esk m rom n m Jde o osobitou v pov o ivot v b val m eskoslovensku na konci a po tku let stolet Mnohovrstevn vypr v n za n t ky N

  • Title: Sestra
  • Author: Jáchym Topol
  • ISBN: 8071081248
  • Page: 299
  • Format: Paperback
  • Prvotina J chyma Topola pat k nejp ekl dan j m polistopadov m esk m rom n m Jde o osobitou v pov o ivot v b val m eskoslovensku na konci 80 a po tku 90 let 20 stolet Mnohovrstevn vypr v n za n t ky N mc p es eskoslovensko na z pad, pokra uje listopadovou revoluc , dot k se rasismu, kriminality, narkomanie a dal ch spole ensk ch jev , kter p ineslaPrvotina J chyma Topola pat k nejp ekl dan j m polistopadov m esk m rom n m Jde o osobitou v pov o ivot v b val m eskoslovensku na konci 80 a po tku 90 let 20 stolet Mnohovrstevn vypr v n za n t ky N mc p es eskoslovensko na z pad, pokra uje listopadovou revoluc , dot k se rasismu, kriminality, narkomanie a dal ch spole ensk ch jev , kter p inesla p ekotn doba a kter zas hly p edev m ml de Vypr v n nem souvislou linii, asto jde o kupen dojm a p sobiv ch obraz se spoustu liter rn ch citac.

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    About “Jáchym Topol

    • Jáchym Topol

      J chym Topol was born in Prague, Czechoslovakia, to Josef Topol, Czech playwright, poet, and translator of Shakespeare, and Ji ina Topolov , daughter of the famous Czech Catholic writer Karel Schulz.Topol s writing began with lyrics for the rock band Ps voj ci, led by his younger brother, Filip, in the late 70s and early 80s In 1982, he cofounded the samizdat magazine Violit, and in 1985 Revolver Revue, a samizdat review that specialized in modern Czech writing.Because of his father s dissident activities, Topol was not allowed to go to university After graduating from gymnasium he worked as a stoker, stocker, construction worker, and coal deliveryman Several times he was imprisoned for short periods, both for his samizdat publishing activities and for his smuggling across the Polish border in cooperation with members of Polish Solidarity He was also a signatory of the Charter 77 human rights declaration.During the 1989 Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia, Topol wrote for the independent newsletter Informa n servis, which later became the investigative weekly Respekt As of October 2009, he was on the staff of the daily Lidov noviny.He currently lives in Prague with his wife, Barbara, and their two daughters, Josef na and Marie.

    597 thoughts on “Sestra

    • An enormous hypocaust of a novel. A sprawling epic both exhilarating and insufferable. Split into three sections (see title), this Egon Hostovský Prize-winner uses a freeform poetic style—fractured dreamlike clauses caught in large cumulonimbus paragraphs—blending narration with dialogue, breaking down all linear time and plot into a continuous “pressent” narrative. We weave in and out of scenes with no distinction between reality, fantasy or dreams, scarcely aware of what is “happeni [...]

    • Sestra pro mě je byla a bude velký objev. Ve svobodě psaní, bohatství jazyka a možnostech převyprávění. Ta kniha má neuvěřitelný literární náboj. Je v jednom ohledu velmi novátorská - styl je svérázný, inovativní, rouhačsky odvážný a magický. Na druhou stranu je však Topol tradicionalistický, opakuje nově a nechává znovu ožívat staré příběhy, městské bajky, legendy a dějinné události. Jeho nová mytologie má však výrazně očistný charakter - v lyr [...]

    • Sestra je bez diskuzí román, ke kterému se člověk musí pročíst a především prožít. Knížku mám už od vysoké, koupila jsem si ji nedlouho po vydání (vliv spolubydlící na koleji, která studovala literaturu) a opravdu jsem se ji tenkrát i pokoušela číst, ale velmi záhy jsem to vzdala s tím, že se to prostě nedá učíst. Za celou tu dobu jsem se k ní vrátila jednou asi před deseti lety, ale se stejným výsledkem a nebýt projektu 1001, tak nevím, jestli bych ji da [...]

    • hodně náročný čtení, ale na to, že to je pátý přes devátý, tak to má hlavu a patu a příběh jako čůrák.

    • Man, was I glad to put this book down! This was too clever for me. City Sister Silver is the Czech equivalent of Trainspotting, only the historical setting is a little more serious. Set in the Czech Republic just after the Germans have left, it's about Potok, and his search for meaning to his life in this new style of country. Except he searches for meaning by running dodgy trades with the Far East, drinking too much, taking a truck load of hallucinogens, and then talking to his friends about th [...]

    • Set around the time that the wall came down some parts of the book are really good, things that I wasn't aware of. The number of people who travelled into the west as soon as they could, and Topol's description of the chaos. There are sections that seem more like dream sequences, the Laotians living in the apartment block, the dissappearances and the sections dealing with Cerna in particular. Had to concentrate to make sense of this.Would like to have given it more stars but for the confusing ju [...]

    • I am not good at doing reviews. Either I like a book, or I don't, but usually I can't really say why. Sometimes when I hate a book enough, I do have something to say about it though. This is one of those books.Seriously, wtf?! I have no idea what I just read, and I absolutely do not understand how this ended up on Boxall's 1001 list. Most of the book seemed like a messy dream sequence or bad trip, and the parts that did make sense were just disturbing. Normal punctuation would have been nice too [...]

    • In reading the translator's (Alex Zucker) notes and Ali's review I can see why this would be considered difficult. Like a literary jig-saw puzzle, seemingly random scenes flit across the pages. From World Literature Today "The action of the novel begins before the Velvet Revolution in November 1989 and ends probably in 1993. The narrator of the bizarre story is Potok, a former actor in an underground theater."Finished, after forcing myself through the middle section -- hate to give up, and it is [...]

    • Difficult, very difficult to read. But worth it in the end. It may take you two years to get through like it did me, but I think I got something from it.

    • I can see this is an amazing book, but I didn't have a clue what was going on most of the time. The rise and fall of a young man in Czechoslovakia in the years following the fall of communism, with a lot of confusing language and some magical realism, I think. The first part was the hardest to follow. I think you'd have to have been there at the time to understand that part. It got easier later . . . slightly . . . and some parts were quite charming. But then others were horrible.

    • Really tried with this book but couldn't cope with all the constant switches, story doesn't seem to be linear and instead turns into sub mythical stories within the story, I hate giving up on books but just lost patience :-(

    • City Sister Silver the real avant-garde thing: a post-modern punk version of T.S. Eliot's "waste land" that literally ends up among the vast detritus of a newly capitalist Prague. Along the way, it is Dante at the end of the twentieth century: a gradual descent to the lowest level of a country on the edge. How Alex Zucker was able to translate this is beyond me.The story is narrated by a young man named Potok as he drifts through a soon-to-be Czech Republic that has just thrown off communism and [...]

    • No thanks.The lurching ride is one thing, though acclimatisable; and the book certainly has a lot of real things to say; but I have read more than enough about the filth of humanity.

    • This novel is set in post-Velvet Revolution Czech Republic. The sense of unrest, of people not knowing who to trust or how to conduct their lives, is very well represented. The book is narrated by Potok, a young man who is an actor by trade, but part of an "Organization" that makes money in all kinds of underhanded and illegal ways. They are brothers, he and his organization, not just associates and they all have very particular roles. Potok's adventures take dangerous and ill-fated twists as he [...]

    • I don’t know why but I’ve never really warmed to Czech writers , Kundera, Kafka ok I do like Hrabal but at the moment that’s the only exception. Yes I didn’t like City Sister Silver either.As I stated before I’m not a fan of stream of conscious writing style and the novel is stuffed with it. Not only that but there are puns , double entendres and neologisms but these are lost in translation, despite the fact that the translator does a good job of explaining certain terms.In essence Cit [...]

    • Těžká knížka, ale stojí za to se skrz ní prokousat. Nejdřív jsem si ji půjčil z knihovny, o pár let později ale neodolal a koupil ji. Už dva roky mi netknutě leží v knihovničce, ale jednou se k ní znovu dostanu. Sestra je totiž kniha, kterou chci mít po ruce pořád

    • Nesmírně zajímavý jazyk. Příběh taky, ale chvilkama jsem se v tom ztrácela, pamatovat si kdo je kdo a navíc se orientovat v některých pasážích bylo dost obtížné.

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